Saturday, December 16, 2006

La Squinta

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Can't get anyone to pose for a picture these days... especially in the sunshine.

climbing Scooby

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en fuego

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I love this shot of Myles' stinky toes warming up by our little fireplace. It makes his feet look so much nicer than they really are...

No, actually, the real reason I'm posting this is because I'm so happy to have a home where we can get cozy by a fire. The girls love it, Myles loves it, and I've taken to building fires - even when it's 55 degrees.

The Charlie Brown Tree

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We didn't pick this one, but it was much adored by the girls... and after this photo, both of them peed in their pants.

Christmas Tree Chopped!

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We are alive here in Providence, just busy as hell. It seems as though there aren't enough days to fit in all the fun and family and gift making that I originally planned. Honestly, it will be a miracle if I ever get the holiday cards happening... sorry gang. It might have to be a New Year's card, or better yet, a Valentine. I just got through making the cookies and I'm having a hard time not eating about 10 in a row...

Monday, November 27, 2006

One Bun

It really is only one bean in my uterus. My doc gave me a quickie ultrasound the other day just for fun and to set my mind at ease that I wasn't going to go through the twin thing again. Hooray! I've also been prescribed ginger and vitamin B6 for nausea and it's working really well. I must admit I was skeptical about herbs and vitamins... but what a difference. Now if only they'd prescribe me some speed for lack of energy, then I'd be just about normal.

Lots going on these days... We're trying to take a trip to NYC for a couple of days while Myles has a light schedule (Central Park Zoo, Natural History Museum, old friends, Magnolia Cupcakes and new shoes in order). I'm really excited. I don't think I've been to the city in a year and I miss it like hell.

I need to write out Ru and El's applications to private schools, register our car, get new plates, get new insurance, have the couch slip-covered because it's hideous, and sew about 12 curtains for the house. (Now that the leaves are off the trees nobody needs to see my pale naked ass scampering around our house. Besides, we have lived here for about 6 months now.)

Off to put the girlies to bed. And yes, it's after 10 pm. They love to stay up late now...

Friday, November 17, 2006


Here's my therapy for the moment: listing what appeals to me in the food department.

plain bagels, toasted. Gobs of cream cheese.
Total Greek yogurt (full fat) with the honey cup thingy on the side
honey roasted peanuts
honey nut cheerios
extra painful sharp cheddar with stoned wheat thins
cold cold cold apple cider
fresh pineapple chunks, close to frozen
ramen noodles
poached eggs on an english muffin
hot chocolate (for the afternoon pick-me-up it's good to resort to an old fave)
plain croissants from Seven Stars Bakery
apples (honeycrisp, granny smith)
pressed cuban sandwiches (for those not in the know: ham, cheese, mayo, mustard, pickle, on sweet white bread)
Annie's shells and white cheddar, plenty of ketchup for dipping (don't ask...)
EGG SALAD SANDOs with extra mayo on a baguette
and last but not least, if I"m feeling really brave I'll eat broccoli soaked in soy sauce. But I don't think it's about the broccoli. Something about that soy flavor makes me want to lick the bowl...

Tomorrow I'm going to find myself some really tart lemon sorbet. Actually, if Myles wasn't at work right now, I'd be sending him to the market for just that - or maybe Edy's lime popsicles. YUM! That's it. I knew this brainstorming would result in a groundbreaking flavor... LIME. Real lime though, not like the green gummy bear lime. Maybe there's a lime in my fridge? I'd make a phony lime-ade with sugar and seltzer.

It's pretty pathetic that this is the only stuff I can think about right now, but if I'm not on top of the food cravings, then the nausea sets in and I'm stuck with crackers and pretzles for the next few hours. The intensity and specificity of flavor during pregnancy is truly overwhelming for me - I mean, I can get pretty hyped up about food when I'm not pregnant - but this is like I'm on a special mission to find those "just right" things. As dorky as this sounds, these feelings are so primal and desperate even. For example, when I'm tired and I need to sit down, there's no, "okay, I'll just wait 'til I get to the car". Instead it's "I NEED TO SIT DOWN NOW and I'll do anything including getting down on the floor if that's my only option". Now, with that being said, throw 2 two-year olds into the mess (and they're pretty primal too, for those of you without kid exposure) and you've got 3 really grumpy people trying to get along. Oh wait, I shouldn't forget the fourth person: the completely over-tired and over-worked stressed-out surgical intern (also prone to primal urges that are only deemed acceptable in the comfort of your own home).

I'm trying to hold it all together one bite at a time.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

In Hiding...

This has gotten pretty pathetic - I've neglected to say anything interesting about our lives these days. I figure the pictures say enough, mostly, but if I want to be honest, let's just say I'm exhausted.

Well, no actually, to get specific about the exhaustion, I'm really just pregnant.

(Only 8 weeks gang, so don't get too excited. But craving Cuban pork sandwiches and fighting nausea here and there should prove that this little bun is warming just fine.)

If one more person says, "are you sure it's just one in there this time?" I might have to punch them. I'm making the assumption that I don't feel nearly as crummy as I did with Ru and El in the first trimester, so the hormones can't be double, right? We don't have an ultrasound until 20 weeks I guess - which should be kind of a bummer considering we got to see the girls in my tummy at EVERY doc's visit. So we'll do the old fashioned guess work and look at my weight and measurements in the meantime.

More later. Have fun digesting this information and conjuring up images of what my life will look like with 3 (or 4 if you include Myles) children to take care of...

Belated Halloween

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Here they are, the famous cheetah and jaguar in full excitement. Would you be surprised to know that Eloise (on the right) is still very happy to be wearing her costume around town for fun?

Friday, October 27, 2006

Frenchie Outfits

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When my mom goes all out and gets cute things, she really nails it. These hats and jackets cannot be worn without a gazillion compliments from random strangers. But I must admit, I'm getting a bit tired of telling people that I don't know where my mom got them...

All Four

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Yet again, a moment when someone else grabbed the camera!

Feelin' the Love

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Twins are fucking cool.

Nature Moment

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The best thing about living in Providence is living so darn close to my mom. We can just shoot over to her house and lie in her most perfect lawn, pick flowers and eat yummy meals (that I don't have to cook!). My mom's house also holds the world's most sought after vintage toy -
"Bug World" by Playschool. I can' t find another one of these things to save my life. Ebay-ers be on the look-out - I'll pay over $200 for another Bug World... but it must have all 3 little rubber bugs and decals intact.

Sorry I just nerded out and talked about vintage toys. But due to Bug World's insane popularity amongst all children, Ru and El are always entertained at my mom's place for hours. They cry when we leave.

Ellen and the Girls

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Vino, cake, a new pal... delightful.

Lunch on Thayer

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Here's a shot taken by our house guest Ellen. We all treated ourselves to an enormous slice of chocolate cake on a beautiful afternoon. It's nice to have someone else around to document me and my little bears. A change of camera perspective is nice.

Arborist Myles

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Myles still likes to climb trees just for the fun of it. Isn't that nice?

A Day in the Leaves

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When Myles hangs with the girls, he often doesn't put them in proper clothes... hence the p.j.'s in the yard for leaf raking. I love this picture! Pure joy...

Little Miss Hat

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El just loves this look. Whenever she sees a Red Sox hat she says, "Look, that guy is wearin' a Pawsox hat". Aw... isn't that cute? I've produced a little Rhode Islander in just a few months.

keeping warm

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When you don't have fur, you have to curl up like a loaf of bread on the couch.

Scrotal Cat

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This is what happened to Miguel when we got his mats shaved off. He looked pink and his stomach resembled a set of testicles. Poor thing. He thinks he's so handsome now!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

just browsing

just browsing
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A historical moment captured at the Providence Place mall: estranged husband and wife browsing spiffy computer features at the new Mac store while children are at school.


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Here I am posing as identical twins.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Fiesta Begins

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So Lyllah wears a mexican hat better than anyone. Really... who looks good in a mexican hat? Lyllah does. What that says about her, I'm not completely sure, except that I know it's a positive attribute. We (her most annoying friends) managed to keep her 30th birthday party a secret for a long time. Here she is with her beloved Ricky, sharing a mango margarita... or something like that.

My mom let me drive her brand new Mini Cooper S to the party, and since Myles wasn't feeling so well, I stayed over for the night. I laughed and danced and hoola-hooped more than ever. We played blow-pong and Flip Cup. I think I'm a Flip Cup expert actually... and I managed to see 2 butts and one naked person. We even made it to bed before midnight... considering the party started at 3pm.

Having a night that lets you forget about being a parent is SO rewarding. It's almost like giving your brain a full tank of gas and an oil change. Read on...

Jerry's Masterpiece

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Ly's dad showed up for her surprise 30th birthday all the way from California... and grilled up most of a cow and pig for the party. It was completely delicious. I felt like I was in Kitchen Stadium.


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This was the kind of night we were having... Annika wears this suit almost better than Neil. Almost. Sorry I didn't capture the beer and wine stains on camera... they complete the effect in a subtle way.

Ly's Cake Delivery

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Annika the Banana presents the birthday cake.

Dancing Bananaman

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Mike in the banana suit. Dig the shirt. He's in touch with his African roots...


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Post-party feast, sporting vintage aprons, feeling groggy.

Mill-ball and the Goat

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Here's Myles about to sneeze on a cute little goat. This farm in Brattleboro is so amazing... really it's a petting farm where you can hang with all of their baby animals and play with a bunch of farm related toys. On weekends you can feed bottles to their calves. It's called Retreat Farm I believe, and if any of you are in southern VT you should stop by there for a visit.

Kath and the Girls

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On our little trip to Brattleboro (our first time back in VT since we moved) we feasted on plenty of tiny tomatoes from Kathleen and Jim's garden. I thought everybody's raincoats looked nice in the green grass...

Some time after this, the severity of Ruby and Eloise's colds got worse and we ended up at the hospital dosing them with albuterol again. If I could only manage to bring the fucking nebulizer on our vacations we would have saved ourselves a serious hassle. Poor Eloise though, her oxygen sats were down pretty low and we ended up putting her on the oral steroids again. Oh well. They are all feeling much much better... and guess what? I managed to escape getting sick. Myles suffered through his vacation week with a horribly clogged nose, phlegm, sneezing, etc. Better luck next time Webster family!

Ru's Work #2

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Ru's Work #1

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I turned around one morning to see Ruby perched on a kitchen stool, drawing the most expressive orange faces. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Letting Go

Our school visit was a total success - despite Ru and El's apprehension about entering the classroom to peek around. Once we were in there, they didn't want to leave! The teachers left really adorable "goody" bags with symbolic treasures on each student's coat hook. The bag had a little list of how the things inside would help the kids learn about their new classroom. So fucking cute that I will write it out for you:

Stickers- to remind you that we all stick together and help eachother
Puzzle piece- to remind you that you are needed to make our class complete
Cotton ball- to remind you that our class is full of kind words and warm feelings
Apple- to remind you that we will learn something new each day
Eraser- to remind you that we will all make mistakes and that is okay

Ugh. And to top it off, the teachers prepared a little gift for parents to take away. On the outside of the package it read:
"There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children: one of these is roots, the other is wings."

Our gift was a pack of tissues!

My eyes are swelling with tears as I'm writing this... it's ridiculous. My entire life I have fought the onset of corny crying, probably because I spent years watching my mother weep while watching television. I'll never forget the night she was sniffling and tissue-ing through a fucking USA Network re-run of "Quantum Leap". It made me ill. I connected this silly display of emotion with weakness - and I guess I still do. Over the course of these years my ability to fend off crying has become a natural instinct. I know just how and when to shut the door on my feelings so they don't come pouring out my eyeballs. You should have seen me on my wedding day... the tears were there, ready to pop out, but I blinked them back like a champ. Nothing to stain my cheeks. Not a drop. (Well, I guess I should mention that my loner moments in front of a quality episode of Gray's Anatomy have not been tear-free... but NOBODY get's to watch Gray's with me. Not even Myles.)

To continue the saga, my therapist back in Burlington asked me why I wouldn't cry. I couldn't spell it out for her exactly. I still can't. It has something to do with other people seeing me in what I perceive to be a "weak" state. But recognizing how choked up I am about Ruby and Eloise setting forth into the world of learning allows me to address my emotional masquerade. What a blessing my kids are - a breath of fresh air, that crisp chilly air, like when you leave the windows open on a too-cold night. (did I just use the word BLESSING? gross.) I can confront these very real, very sentimental sensations because the girls are in my life, and it feels good, but there is some residual pain associated with that goodness. Am I making sense?

Have you ever seen a group of kindergarteners sing holiday songs at a school recital? Those were always tough moments for me and the eyeballs! Those tiny little bodies all dressed up and organized in a line - innocently shouting out words far beyond their comprehension to a toasty room packed with devoted parents. Quality Lump-in-the-throat material. What's going to happen when those kid are El and Ru? Will I open the floodgates?

Well, let's just take it one step at a time. For now, I promise to check back after tomorrow's school "day" without mommy. And I'll be honest about me and the tissues in the car after dropping them off - if I really can loosen up and let those salty wet ones go.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Chicken Soup with Stars

Chicken Soup with Stars
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"Back to reality...". We are home, the evenings and mornings are cool and I made some chicken soup with stars for our mommy/kid dinners. They just love to dip bread in the broth - such a novelty for them. I'm excited to be home again to cook good fall meals. I'm happy to say that tomorrow is the first day "visit" to Montessori school for Ru and El, and then they start up for real on Thursday. I'm anticipating that the 2.5 hours that they spend there will be dreamy for me. In preparation for this extra "free time" I took a moment to set up my attic studio... sort of. It felt nice to have my own secret hidey spot with all of my crap lying around me. To honor the moment, I finally hemmed a pair of my favorite jeans after about a year of cuffing them (now I only have 3 more pairs to go). May I say that they look stunning on me now? No more dragging the bottoms on the cement.

Send me your long jeans everyone - or the ones that gap at the waist and expose your butt-crack. The tailor is in.

Beach Buddies

Beach Buddies
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Honestly this day at the beach was so perfect it would make the average, 1st time Nantucket visitor puke. Thankfully I get to experience these kinds of days at least once a summer.

I do believe the days are a bit richer in emotional content than they used to be though. Observing my kids as they play and discover new things makes me ache with nostalgia; all the while they build those sparkly memories... those memories that we refer back to in March of the following year, the memories that make us return to this crazy island in the middle of the sea.

When I was 3 years old I told my dad that I liked looking at the "cracklies and goldens" in the ocean.

I still do.

Elo's Moment

Elo's Moment
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Elo has a knack for appearing like she knows way more than we give her credit for as a 2.5 year old. In this photo, I'm imagining that she is having deep intellectual thoughts.


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What I wouldn't do to be carefree like this! Just to visit that beachy blissed-out kid state-of-mind... on top of the world.

Elo and Chlo

Elo and Chlo
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Chloe has a tan like you wouldn't believe. And she's only 7! Don't their bathing suits look nice against the sky?

Daisy and Ru

Daisy and Ru
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Daisy had returned from her first stay at summer camp (happy to say it was in VT) and she seemed older and wiser than ever. I do forget that she's only 10 years old... what a crazy time for her! Kinda pre-puberty, kinda still a kid... not really knowing which realm of childhood she relates to the most. I loved watching her entertain Ru and El. It was almost as if she could vividly remember what it was like to be their age and she was re-discovering those kid toys and games along side them. If Ruby and Eloise grow up to be half of the kind soul that Daisy is - I will be so proud. I almost wish you could all meet her...


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Daisy and Chloe were so amazing with my kids while we were in Nantucket. At times I had a moment where I could sit in a beach chair while they all played - and I would close my eyes! Heaven.

Ru's moment

Ru's moment
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Pail. Shovel. Warm sand...

El and Ammie

El and Ammie
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My mom and I took the girls out to 'Sconset for an ice cream - it is completely pristine out there and I always enjoy spying on the spot where we had our wedding reception. The tiny town is like a dream. Clearly this photo demonstrates how certain places can make people very happy.


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My little towel bundles! The air was cold and the water was warm, but for some reason we couldn't convince them to keep their bodies under the water to keep out of the breeze. So we spent a lot of time at the beach wrapped in a towel and soggy bathing suits.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

wooly bear

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run Ruby run

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The clouds! Adirondak clouds! Woo hoo!

The weather was nice and cold up there. I love the anticipation of autumn like you wouldn't believe, so it was quite the treat.

aqua canoe

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love love love this one!


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Eloise, quite pleased with herself.

a tender moment

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Northbrook was truly spectacular - even without time spent on the water. I wanted to steal this aqua-colored canoe for a color study.

Auntie Sal and Ru

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I left the girls with Liza and Sally for a few minutes while I packed up, and guess where they ended up? Pond-wading in their overalls! Most excellent...

Any steps towards Ru and El's independent hang-outs with "strangers" makes me happy. They are really clingy for the most part (still!), with Eloise being more outgoing and tolerant, and I can't help but think that I've done something wrong in my parenting to make them that way. It seems really silly to be critical about how I'm raising them - but you have to question yourself sometimes just to make sure you're not an ignorant and insensitive ass! I was doing some blog-reading the other day and clicking around in some really child-centric attachment parenting kind of mommy sites and I started to feel really horrible about the self-prescribed kind of mommying I'm doing. Honestly, I'm just feeling everything out and going by instinct, and when I read studies, reports, commentaries, etc. it makes me feel like I can't cope with what's "right" (or at least what I ideally see myself as capable of doing). Does that make any sense? (pardon me, but I've been sucking down some white wine...)

Ugh. On to the next photo. This entry was really supposed to be about how awesome Aunt Sally and Auntie Liza are.

Uncle Kent and Aunt Patty

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More silly party hats. The dudes got to wear visors with rubber meat products glued to them!

Aunt Patty won the girls over with her stellar Play Doh playing and her M&M offerings. After raising 4 kids she knows all the tricks!

Beautiful Betty

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What a trooper to put up with the crazy headband we made her wear. It was such the right choice to go with the white flowers I think.

This was only the beginning of Betty's delightful birthday dinner at Northbrook Lodge - we had such a goofy time running around with the Websters in the gorgeous landscape. Eloise and Ruby did SO well in the car with me for 7 hours on the way there. It was remarkable and relatively painless - dare I say kinda fun? What an adventure! I feel like a superhero having completed the trek with very few scrapes and bruises to my emotions. Ahhh... when it's good, it's SOOOO GOOD.

(no title)

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I don't even have words for this one. Enjoy the captivating Ms. Eloise and imagine what I might say...

tamari almond party

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This was taken during the 102 degree day. We holed up inside with the new television, the AC and some snacks. 'Twas festive.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

my ass is grass

It's all about me and the hose these days. The weather has been absurd and we are just hanging out inside, watching too much television (El has an on-again-off-again fever) and eating fig newtons. Occasionally I'll go outside and sprinkle the grass seed with water and sweat up a storm. Altogether it's so hot that we can't even entertain the thought of visiting a playground - but we did venture to the market and the library today. And I went so far as to make a yummy grilled pizza dinner. The girls were delighted to roll out the dough and sprinkle cheese to help cook, but when it came down to eating it they were more interested in playing under the table and running around. I guess I should appreciate the fact that they are such great buddies for one another. They are so totally in love with playing together, shouting, twirling, shoving, laughing and the new big favorite: hide and seek. The problem now is that they gang up on me and I have a hard time asserting myself to gain control of the situation.

Well, we are trying out a new babysitter tomorrow morning. She's a 19 year old RISD student... which seems crazy young to me, but if she's fun and likes to do projects then Ru and El will most likely dig her. I told her that she had to be neat and tidy in our email correspondence - was that creepy of me? I don't pride myself on my cleanliness. But at this point I know what a good sitter/nanny is (ahem - AUDREY!) and how they should conduct themselves to make it financially worth my while. I'll report back and let you know how it all turns out, because I could really use a break. One more session of play-doh-rama and I'm going to keel over with Child Overdose...

For the Dr. Myles update: we have seen him a total of 4 hours in the last 5 days. I think. At this point it's silly to keep track, but I do want Ruby and Eloise to have SOME Dad time. Every morning Eloise gets up and says, "I'm going to go wake up Daddy." Then I have to say, "Oh, Dad left for work already. Maybe we'll get to see him tonight." She's usually pretty positive after that and replies with a "But we can make him dinner though." And she's sometimes right, but tonight we were all alone. I wonder how much they register Myles' radically different schedule, and whether they expect for him to miraculously stop working again and resume spending every second with us. I will admit to having these fantasies about Myles' schedule, where POOF! - the required hours of an intern will become 9-5 with free weekends (and then I can complain about that lifestyle like the majority of the U.S.). What do I do while waiting for that dream to come true? Keep busy trying not to kill the lawn, combatting the onslaught of fruit flies in my kitchen (they love to drown themselves in my wine glass), excavating blackheads in a dingy mirror, dabbling in mildew management, fluffing couch cushions, combing the cat, cleaning up spills, removing stains, sweeping crumbs, changing diapers, taking the trash out and fighting with all of the atrocious smells that this house seems to produce in a 24 hour period. (You know you want my life... you SO SO SO want to be me right now, I know it.)

For next week the plan is to head to the Adirondaks to hang with the Webster clan... however this will involve a 6-plus hour drive in the famous Black Rocket. And that means just me and the girls. Solo Mom. (Oh, and then we have to drive back 6 hours.) Great-Grandma Betty is celebrating her 90th birthday and honestly, she's my hero. I have to let her know what a role model she is for someone like me - I mean, she raised 4 kids with a doctor husband in the days when you sewed your own cloth diapers and scrubbed them clean in a wash basin. PUH-LEEZ! Can you fellow Mammas even begin to imagine? Think of how radically our roles as women/mothers/professionals have changed in the last 90 years... it's so dumbfounding to me that I think a 6 hour drive is definitely in order to honor her totally bad-ass life. Rock on Grandma Betty... 90 is the new 40.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

salt water taffy

salt water taffy
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How fucking hysterical is this one? They got to pick out 4 pieces each as long as we ate only one in the shop. We saved the rest for home (and I ended up eating them late at night) but I'm sure if they see this photo they are going to wonder where I hid those bags. They just loved having their own brown bags! What's new though... they like accessories... like I said, apples... tree, blah blah blah.

Rhode Island is incredible. Our house is perfect. Our yard is even better and our neighborhood couldn't be more suited to us. The coincidental run-ins and 6 degrees of separation thingy has really pushed me over the edge. It's as if everywhere I turn there's a new person who is connected to some part of my life - for example - our back yard neighbors who know some of my friends from highschool (despite the fact they are from Brooklyn and Texas). Hannah designs textiles - what an insanely cool sounding job...

Oh my though, Myles' work has gotten out of hand and we really don't get to see him. Yesterday was his first full Saturday off in 6 weeks, but he still had 7 hours this morning and he's due for another 30 or so consecutive hours starting tomorrow at 5AM. Disgusting. Single-momming it really isn't an exaggeration. I decided to really begin my nanny hunt for September because I'm going to loose my cool one of these days if I can't escape for an hour here and there. Maybe the Tuesday/Thursday school for 2.5 hours will do the trick, but then again... maybe not. So can you see why I never blog anymore? Why would I want to create time for this crap when I could be organizing the house for tomorrow's Mollie Ruby Eloise adventure?

In my repetitive existence as a mom, mindfulness meditation has never been more important. (Read: "I'm folding this small tee shirt. I'm folding this sleeve in, then the other, and then the whole thing in half. I'm folding these scrubs. I'm folding these scrubs. I'm folding these scrubs. They are an ugly toothpaste aqua color and I am folding them perfectly into a rectangle. I'm balling these socks and they are threadbare. Perhaps I should throw them out. I'm balling these socks. They are a pair. And now I'm going to rinse some dishes...")