Thursday, December 15, 2005

13 going on 30

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These Manhattan kids know more than I do. It's really just disgusting. But Rebekah - the one in the middle - is a total gem. She still plays tennis all the time... and I was one of her very first tennis teachers! It felt good to be a part of such a beautiful family event (even if the reality of having teenagers some day made me feel ill).

By the end of this evening, I missed Ruby and Eloise so much I wanted to burst. 24 hours away from them is plenty for now. Even with an open sushi bar.

Sick Pleasures

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This is what I got to look at while I got my haircut. Heaven. Honestly - I adore my mountains and lake here an VT, and I appreciate them every day - but Manhattan just lights my fire. It's borderline absurd. And I was getting a fucking haircut! A good one at that... and then I managed to run over to Marc Jacobs where they just happened to be having a 70% off sale... and I bought 2 pairs of shoes. AAAAAAAhhhhhh.

It was just short of orgasmic. This was all after having a greasy breakfast with Ram. So I scored a cab in about 2 seconds, stressed out during the trafficky ride, and skibbled my ass onto MetroNorth - all in just enough time to get back to the hotel in Old Greenwich, slink into my icky nylons, swanky outfit, makeup and, of course, slippery new heels for the Bat Mitzvah of the century.


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Ram. You never fail to get me to do the craziest fucking things. I drove 8 hours in a snowstorm to get my ass to Bedford NY - where I was greeted by an amazing dinner and good old friends - but then I returned to my hotel in the most ridiculous way and should have gotten a good night's sleep in preparation for the Bat Mitzvah ahead. But no. What did I do? I chased your International, Unavailable ass into Manhattan on Saturday morning, waaaaay too early, and was greeted by a crazy, hung-over, partied-out goofball. Your hat did look like quite the statement in combination with the skyline. And if you hadn't told me you were out until 5AM I might have thought you had taken a Benedryl for allergies or something... but I give you a huge huge gold star for pulling yourself together for me, and for scoring me a delightful sunny day haircut in the hippest of spots.

when we are cute

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When we are cute, we are really really cute. When we are bad... we are almost bearable.


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Do we looked wiped out or what? Looking back, I'm glad this "fear of people" phase that Ru and El were in has passed. They wanted nothing to do with anyone on Thanksgiving - well, at least at the beginning. They sort of warmed up after a few hours, but by then they were exhausted and crazy. Toddlers are so amazing. One week they drive you mad, the next they impress the hell out of you. I guess this Thanksgiving I was thankful for my ability to have perspective, and I was thankful for red wine.

Tres Generaciones

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Pardon the espaƱol, but the Webster men all on one couch - what a photo-op! I snapped this beautiful shot before we went to Thanksgiving dinner.