Monday, November 27, 2006

One Bun

It really is only one bean in my uterus. My doc gave me a quickie ultrasound the other day just for fun and to set my mind at ease that I wasn't going to go through the twin thing again. Hooray! I've also been prescribed ginger and vitamin B6 for nausea and it's working really well. I must admit I was skeptical about herbs and vitamins... but what a difference. Now if only they'd prescribe me some speed for lack of energy, then I'd be just about normal.

Lots going on these days... We're trying to take a trip to NYC for a couple of days while Myles has a light schedule (Central Park Zoo, Natural History Museum, old friends, Magnolia Cupcakes and new shoes in order). I'm really excited. I don't think I've been to the city in a year and I miss it like hell.

I need to write out Ru and El's applications to private schools, register our car, get new plates, get new insurance, have the couch slip-covered because it's hideous, and sew about 12 curtains for the house. (Now that the leaves are off the trees nobody needs to see my pale naked ass scampering around our house. Besides, we have lived here for about 6 months now.)

Off to put the girlies to bed. And yes, it's after 10 pm. They love to stay up late now...

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J Shimkin said...

Let me know when you are coming. It'd be great to connect with you four. Never met the little ones...only saw the belly. Jez, it seems like ages ago since I was in Burlington