Saturday, February 11, 2006

Dad, Teetee and Me

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Ruby is still obsessed with my tees - and because she was sick - she insisted on dragging it around in the woods with us. Here it just looks like she's a little Linus with her regular old blankie. Why do I think this is so adorable? Maybe because I imagine we will look at it years from now and say, "Remember when we lived in Vermont and it was so beautiful in the winter?"

I'm finally understanding what it's going to mean when we leave here. The reality is creeping in and I don't like it at all!


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Hugs on the swings down by the lake. I captured a rare moment when Ruby really wanted to express affection - and as you can see, Eloise doesn't quite know what to make of it. The best part though, is that when either girl squeezes or hugs they say "ooooooooh!" and make ridiculous faces.

Ruby's Bus

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So my new book arrived from Amazon - this super nice fatty book all about graphic design and typography - and guess who was coloring on the back page while I dozed on the couch? Yeah. Ms. Ru who wasn't napping...

So Myles took over at that point and decided to make a little bus out of the Amazon box that she could color on. She started to draw on her palm too. How cute is the bus? She think's it's just hers. Bummer though, because Sister El has to share. Boy do I love negotiating who's turn it is!

Swirly Whirlies

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Eloise demonstrates her fine ability in making what she calls "swirly whirlies" with the famous yellow marker. Their artistic skills are developing at an alarming rate and it is such a treat to be able to get out all of my art supplies with them and play around. Ruby said, "Let's do a project Mommy" yesterday and I'm such a sucker that I broke out the glitter glue to make Valentines. We started working with brushes and then quickly moved into finger painting. Glitter everywhere.

Ruby's Turn

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Box Head

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The girls thought they were so clever putting this box on as a hat. Hysterical.

A Walk in the Woods

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A couple of weeks ago we took a nice walk when there was still some snow on the ground. The girls were pretty sick, both with fevers, asthma etc., but managed to have a decent time. I wish we could all get outside more than we do- I mean really OUTSIDE in nature, not just on Church Street or the waterfront. Whatever. I shouldn't complain. Lake Champlain is virtually my back yard.