Sunday, September 24, 2006

Kath and the Girls

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On our little trip to Brattleboro (our first time back in VT since we moved) we feasted on plenty of tiny tomatoes from Kathleen and Jim's garden. I thought everybody's raincoats looked nice in the green grass...

Some time after this, the severity of Ruby and Eloise's colds got worse and we ended up at the hospital dosing them with albuterol again. If I could only manage to bring the fucking nebulizer on our vacations we would have saved ourselves a serious hassle. Poor Eloise though, her oxygen sats were down pretty low and we ended up putting her on the oral steroids again. Oh well. They are all feeling much much better... and guess what? I managed to escape getting sick. Myles suffered through his vacation week with a horribly clogged nose, phlegm, sneezing, etc. Better luck next time Webster family!

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