Sunday, July 30, 2006

salt water taffy

salt water taffy
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How fucking hysterical is this one? They got to pick out 4 pieces each as long as we ate only one in the shop. We saved the rest for home (and I ended up eating them late at night) but I'm sure if they see this photo they are going to wonder where I hid those bags. They just loved having their own brown bags! What's new though... they like accessories... like I said, apples... tree, blah blah blah.

Rhode Island is incredible. Our house is perfect. Our yard is even better and our neighborhood couldn't be more suited to us. The coincidental run-ins and 6 degrees of separation thingy has really pushed me over the edge. It's as if everywhere I turn there's a new person who is connected to some part of my life - for example - our back yard neighbors who know some of my friends from highschool (despite the fact they are from Brooklyn and Texas). Hannah designs textiles - what an insanely cool sounding job...

Oh my though, Myles' work has gotten out of hand and we really don't get to see him. Yesterday was his first full Saturday off in 6 weeks, but he still had 7 hours this morning and he's due for another 30 or so consecutive hours starting tomorrow at 5AM. Disgusting. Single-momming it really isn't an exaggeration. I decided to really begin my nanny hunt for September because I'm going to loose my cool one of these days if I can't escape for an hour here and there. Maybe the Tuesday/Thursday school for 2.5 hours will do the trick, but then again... maybe not. So can you see why I never blog anymore? Why would I want to create time for this crap when I could be organizing the house for tomorrow's Mollie Ruby Eloise adventure?

In my repetitive existence as a mom, mindfulness meditation has never been more important. (Read: "I'm folding this small tee shirt. I'm folding this sleeve in, then the other, and then the whole thing in half. I'm folding these scrubs. I'm folding these scrubs. I'm folding these scrubs. They are an ugly toothpaste aqua color and I am folding them perfectly into a rectangle. I'm balling these socks and they are threadbare. Perhaps I should throw them out. I'm balling these socks. They are a pair. And now I'm going to rinse some dishes...")


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