Friday, November 17, 2006


Here's my therapy for the moment: listing what appeals to me in the food department.

plain bagels, toasted. Gobs of cream cheese.
Total Greek yogurt (full fat) with the honey cup thingy on the side
honey roasted peanuts
honey nut cheerios
extra painful sharp cheddar with stoned wheat thins
cold cold cold apple cider
fresh pineapple chunks, close to frozen
ramen noodles
poached eggs on an english muffin
hot chocolate (for the afternoon pick-me-up it's good to resort to an old fave)
plain croissants from Seven Stars Bakery
apples (honeycrisp, granny smith)
pressed cuban sandwiches (for those not in the know: ham, cheese, mayo, mustard, pickle, on sweet white bread)
Annie's shells and white cheddar, plenty of ketchup for dipping (don't ask...)
EGG SALAD SANDOs with extra mayo on a baguette
and last but not least, if I"m feeling really brave I'll eat broccoli soaked in soy sauce. But I don't think it's about the broccoli. Something about that soy flavor makes me want to lick the bowl...

Tomorrow I'm going to find myself some really tart lemon sorbet. Actually, if Myles wasn't at work right now, I'd be sending him to the market for just that - or maybe Edy's lime popsicles. YUM! That's it. I knew this brainstorming would result in a groundbreaking flavor... LIME. Real lime though, not like the green gummy bear lime. Maybe there's a lime in my fridge? I'd make a phony lime-ade with sugar and seltzer.

It's pretty pathetic that this is the only stuff I can think about right now, but if I'm not on top of the food cravings, then the nausea sets in and I'm stuck with crackers and pretzles for the next few hours. The intensity and specificity of flavor during pregnancy is truly overwhelming for me - I mean, I can get pretty hyped up about food when I'm not pregnant - but this is like I'm on a special mission to find those "just right" things. As dorky as this sounds, these feelings are so primal and desperate even. For example, when I'm tired and I need to sit down, there's no, "okay, I'll just wait 'til I get to the car". Instead it's "I NEED TO SIT DOWN NOW and I'll do anything including getting down on the floor if that's my only option". Now, with that being said, throw 2 two-year olds into the mess (and they're pretty primal too, for those of you without kid exposure) and you've got 3 really grumpy people trying to get along. Oh wait, I shouldn't forget the fourth person: the completely over-tired and over-worked stressed-out surgical intern (also prone to primal urges that are only deemed acceptable in the comfort of your own home).

I'm trying to hold it all together one bite at a time.

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margaret said...

Oh trust me, I understand EXACTLY what's going on with your stomach right now. Boy the beginning part of pregnancy sucks, huh?

(By the way, I'm a friend of Lauren and Ellen's)

Here's my advice to you when it comes to the lime craving (which I had in serious abundance for about five months) ... Do you have a Whole Foods near you? If so, they've got these 365 brand lime popsicles that are absolutely to die for. They're like the absolute perfect limeade but in popsicle form. Totally to die for.

Good luck and congratulations on the pregnancy!

P.S. Miss Nelson is Missing is an awesome book, and Harry Allard is STILL one of my favorite authors. :)