Thursday, August 17, 2006

Auntie Sal and Ru

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I left the girls with Liza and Sally for a few minutes while I packed up, and guess where they ended up? Pond-wading in their overalls! Most excellent...

Any steps towards Ru and El's independent hang-outs with "strangers" makes me happy. They are really clingy for the most part (still!), with Eloise being more outgoing and tolerant, and I can't help but think that I've done something wrong in my parenting to make them that way. It seems really silly to be critical about how I'm raising them - but you have to question yourself sometimes just to make sure you're not an ignorant and insensitive ass! I was doing some blog-reading the other day and clicking around in some really child-centric attachment parenting kind of mommy sites and I started to feel really horrible about the self-prescribed kind of mommying I'm doing. Honestly, I'm just feeling everything out and going by instinct, and when I read studies, reports, commentaries, etc. it makes me feel like I can't cope with what's "right" (or at least what I ideally see myself as capable of doing). Does that make any sense? (pardon me, but I've been sucking down some white wine...)

Ugh. On to the next photo. This entry was really supposed to be about how awesome Aunt Sally and Auntie Liza are.

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