Saturday, May 19, 2007

What Would We Do without Ammie?

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Oftentimes my mom comes up to see us... I mean, a lot. She takes us to lunch at all the cool Providence restaurants and makes my life a whole lot easier. We go to gardening centers and she teaches us about plants and how to grow things. She buys us groceries. She takes my kids to the bathroom. She spoils the kids at toy stores and ice cream shops. She combs over catalogues with me and helps me conquer the next home decorating conundrum. We are partners in crime, to say the least. When she calls me up and says, "would you like me to come down and make dinner with you?" I'm happier than you might ever imagine. (Remember, Myles is "Q2" - a.k.a. absent)

But yesterday she called up to say that she and my dad wanted to come to take us out to their Anniversary dinner. Although I thought maybe they wanted to be alone, they insisted that after 33 years of marriage they would rather have the company of their grandkids at a pleasant restaurant than be by themselves.

We gorged ourselves at this bistro-style restaurant and left feeling rotund and stinking of garlic. I had a glass of red wine (although completely embarassed about drinking it in public) and it tasted like heaven.

Even though I have a lot of guilt about how generous my mom is to me, and I feel spoiled rotten by her, I completely get where she is coming from. The other day Ruby and Eloise's school prepared "Mother's Day Tea" for the moms. We arrived to their classroom and they cheered "Happy Mother's Day" and waved little cut-out pink tea cups decorated with glitter glue. Inside were little tea bags. We all sat at kid sized tables and had tea sandwiches - prepared ENTIRELY by the kids, and we were served (cold) tea in ceramic tea pots. I mean, cups, saucers... the whole thing... but 3 year olds pouring us tea! It was adorable. As they poured they said, "and we stop before we get to the top!" HA! I can only imagine how many overflows they must have had while practicing. Well, it made me want to burst with happiness at how proud they were of their achievements. They constantly amaze me and they are my best companions.

So, every day that goes by I get closer to understanding why my mom just gives every bit of herself to us. She's not capable of doing her job any other way.

Ru and El's First Paddle

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Last weekend we had Myles with us for 2.5 days - so we headed up to Brattleboro to see his dad and Kathleen. That Friday night I opted out of a brief canoe ride, but Myles captured a couple of cute moments. This photo shows Eloise and Ruby in full command of the paddles. Jim is in the very front using his hands to direct the boat - apparently 3 year olds don't really get much momentum going in a canoe. The important thing however, is that they thought they were doing a fantastic job.

Every time I'm back in some part of VT I get really nostalgic and all worked up about what a special community I left behind. The Bratt. Farmer's market was a total treat to attend - we purchased a bunch of lettuces, herbs and some tomato plants for our garden. I stuffed my face with homemade doughnuts and indian food. The kids dug around in a sandbox and we ran into all sorts of familar faces. I also managed to stop into the hippie-est of all natural parenting shops to grab my supply of organic cotton baby diapers! Finally almost 3 years of using disposable diapers I have decided that going the cloth route for 1 child will be manageable. And if it turns out to be a nightmare, I won't be stubborn about keeping it up... we can totally do disposable for when we're on the road or if the big kid poops are just too fucking gross. (But after potty training 2, I'm a veteran to the Big Kid Poop in the undies scenario...)

So Vermonters and former Vermonters that are reading this - we miss you very much. Keep up the good work.

chillin' in the canoe

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Our Only NYC Photo

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I have a special skill for not having camera batteries when we are visiting places or on a fun trip. We did capture a fine moment here, where my dad couldn't be happier pusing the girls in their sleek-yet-crappy city stroller. Actually, my dad pushed this thing all weekend long. I think it made him feel really proud. Ruby and Eloise would just sit there and chat away, playing ponies and watching the sites. They were remarkable - and one night while we were lying in bed falling asleep Eloise said, "Mom, I love New York city. I wish we lived here." Similarly, Ruby did not want to leave when we got in the car. She thought "New York city is too much fun. Let's not go home."

I couldn't have agreed more.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

quick note...

Yesterday I went to my mom's house for the afternoon (after a much-needed and successful trip to Ikea) and decided, with a self-depricating preface, to tell her about my desire for a letterpress. She laughed (like I knew she would) and said, "Oh Molls. That's just going to turn out like the situation with your sewing machine."

Amazing how well we know ourselves... and how our families know us... whether we like it or not.

But what if I don't buy a letterpress because my mom thinks "it will sit there and take up space"? And who do I believe? Me, or my mom?

Hasn't that always been my biggest confusion and therefore my greatest downfall?