Sunday, November 25, 2007

After Many Days of Hard Work...

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Eloise has mastered the letter "S"! In her elated state she managed to accentuate her work with a fine portrait of me with earrings. (Don't you like my hair?) Watching the girls work out their different skills has been incredible - every moment at school has made them even more curious about their world and their abilities. Ruby has been able to hold a pen correctly since she was 22 months old, and Eloise has struggled to do the same thing. Instead she would put up a fight and throw down her marker if we suggested that she hold it differently... so I backed off with my "suggestions", and she now seems happy to write and draw with the right grip and everything.

What an accomplishment though - reading and writing letters! It's the beginning of my childrens' literacy... an enormous and beautiful time when kids open the door to a new kind of creativity and self-expression.

Ooooh! I absolutely love spelling!! So much to look forward too in this school-age business...

Happy 35th to Myles

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And a Happy Thanksgiving too... we had a great time in Brattleboro celebrating with turkey and my german chocolate cake. Before dinner Ruby and Eloise hiked up a small mountain for 3 hours with the rest of the gang while I stayed in the house with Penny and made icing. All in all it was a total success.

A ton of things have been going on over the last few weeks - many thoughts related to my 2 trips to Vermont and some serious time to think while on the road.

Is it a surprise to any of you that I just love to cook? If only there were more hours in the day to make perfect meals...

Too Many Candles?

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Cake Monsters

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

16 percent

My computer has 16 percent of its life left... let's see if I can blog about something before it farts out.

So many things have come up recently - wanting to be child-free for more than 2 hours would be the first thing that comes to mind... But this baby-nursing has an end, and realistically, I blink and a week has gone by AGAIN. Penny has become that delightful lumpkin that sits on my lap and will happily drool on a spoon, suck on a toy and make heart-melting smiles to all that encounter her roundness. She is no longer that newborn ball of sleepy fuzz. She is opinionated and thoughtful, meddling and curious. She does not like a bottle of pumped breast milk... she just likes the real deal. It has become impossible to remember my life before children. But that being said, I had a moment the other day where I swear I felt like I was at college... and then I remembered that the Brown students milling about me were just making a cloud of pheremones that made me feel like I was studying for mid-terms. Mid-terms! Oh my...

Please people. I drive a mini-van and sign permission slips for field trips now. Totally old lady.

Myles has gone to VT to take his last medical licensing exam... and I did my first night with all 3 kids for the first time in ages. Amazing. 2 baths, two books, two bedtimes... all before 6:45 pm. And here I am pouring some silly words down the blog-drain. Feels good actually... Oh wait, that's the wine and cheese.

Other thoughts: my cat is fat. I can fit in my skinny jeans again. My leg hair is so long that it rivals Myles' (I can't seem to find a minute to wax OR shave... I'd need a fucking package of razor blades to make a dent in it). I like making soup. 2 tablespoons of flaxseed powder boiled in 3 tablespoons of water is the equivalent of one egg white when you bake vegan things. I will most likely never ever be seen in a bikini again unless the plastic surgery fairy gives me a new stomach some day. MEN SUCK AT GETTING COLDS. I remember when there used to be frost on the ground in November and there was usually snow on the ground for Christmas.

and now my battery is dying. i should write like this more often. some good stuff for everyone... and maybe a good couple of photos after my weekend.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Carolyn and Kathleen

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I've been dying to grab a photo of these two for ages - and I finally got my chance a few weekends ago. They are my inspiration for embracing the gray...

Twins and Twins

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How cool is this?