Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sucker Is Broken

Why blog?  Why bother?  Why write?  

Okay, I admit I have a problem of getting bored easily and this medium continually loses its appeal.  Blogging used to be a bit of therapy, a bit of a rush (ah, to self-publish and say "look at me!") and ultimately a way for me to share my new maternal world with my faraway friends.  Precisely one year ago I  mentioned that Facebook Kidnapped My Mojo (if there was any mojo to begin with - it was brief), and I think ultimately that holds true today.  I just can't kick the habit FB habit, despite the nasty ways FB has changed it's interfaces, how the ads are infiltrating my "newsfeed", and how I no longer manage to handwrite letters, or even call people on the "land line".  

Long ago there was a funny thing called Time... I used to know it well.  We were good friends and we got in SO much trouble together - like when we would stay up all night eating candy and finishing a take-home exam.  Or when we would totally ignore responsibility and bonk our boyfriend silly into the wee hours of the morning.  Yeah.  Time and I were tight.  I mean, we fought and all.  Like during my freshman year in college when I was all pissed off about how Time wouldn't add an extra day of the weekend for me (I wanted an 8th day desperately and Time said, "Sorry muthafuckah!" and laughed while I could barely wake up on Mondays).  I'm still having trouble forgiving Time for holding my twins in my uterus for 38.5 weeks - making me so sick - but perhaps that was really a blessing.  After having two infants, Time decided to warp itself - A LOT.  Payback... for not using Time effectively. 

In the eight years since my babies were born, we have gone from a world with some social media, to a world where not having social media in your pocket might seem empty or extremist.  (If you have not picked up a copy of "Hamlet's Blackberry: Building a Good Life in the Digital Age " by William Powers, I highly recommend it.  It touches on all of these points that I'm making really...) Today I am struggling to find that perfect balance for my kids (totally impossible) where they get just enough screen time, and just enough play time to make them decidedly "normal" - whatever the f that means.  

Actually, wait.  I'll be totally honest.  Screen time is pretty much my money in the bank for bribery.  It's like allowance money - do your part to help out in the house and you get your screen reward.  Ugh.  How did I become such a bore? 

I get antsy and irritated thinking about the responsibility of continually changing passwords and parental controls... and staying ahead of kid pace.  My brother warns me that middle school with girls is difficult to navigate, with continual texting and all kinds of social garbage that makes me feel gross just imagining it.  To make matters worse, the head of our kids' school just told us that by 2014 they plan to make the 5-12th grades BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): laptop or tablet to "enhance the modes of learning and sharing in the classroom".  I'm still thinking about my TI- 81 Graphing Calculator from 1993 that had such nice buttons to press... (Cue music: "Memory" from Cats.)

So why the smashed lollipop?  

It's a visual poem I wrote about damaged, sweet, beautiful things in the sunshine.


Sunday, May 06, 2012


I'm exploring the new blogspot image insert function... Funny how this technology keeps changing.  The second I think I know how to perform a task on the computer... poof! I am outdated.  This was pretty streamlined actually.  

On another note, how exceptional is the color of the inside of this shell?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Number Monsters and a Baby




We spend a lot of time drawing on our dry erase boards. The twins tried to explain the intricate meaning behind their number characters but I only ended up confused because they couldn't get through their sentences without laughing. Surely an art therapist would tell me that Penny understands her role as the baby of the family? Well, I can assure you she is far from "baby" anything...


This particular photo will always hit me right in the chest. Knowing that she is my last kid gives me an extraordinary heart ache. Little Pen. She's already so wise and independent - and I try to coddle her here and there because I know I'll regret it if I don't. In this crazy world where (if desired) I can have a visual catalogue of every single moment in my kid's life drawn up on the computer in a flash of a second... well... as a parent it can be extremely sad to re-visit those images. Sometimes it feels easier on my constitution to try to forget how quickly kids grow.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I was seduced by the "userfriendliness", so try to find me here instead?
If I'm feeling a little sad and nostalgic, perhaps I'll post back here every now and then. That might keep things nice and spicy. We all need a little change sometimes, no?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lost But Not Forgotten!


I collect too much. These fascinating characters were floating around in a bag labeled "ARTifacts" in my basement. On a sunny day they decided to tell me a story about what it feels like to be shiny.

Name them for me?