Saturday, November 22, 2008

so much for photos

Myles got to spend his birthday on call in the NICU. I got to spend the day freezing my ass off with the kids.

I am so sick and tired of static hair... which is a bad sign, considering it's November.

The wood stove is excellent. Retrieving wood from the wood pile is not.

I can make a perfect chocolate cake with 3 children under the age of 4.

I am on day 4 of diarrhea diapers with Penny (this is the kind of virus that hangs around for 7-10 days, hurrah).

My lips are so chapped that they look like I've put lip liner on.

I won a bid on eBay for limited edition perfume. I can't decide whether I'm proud of it or not...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Here's what's weird: I arrive at this page and think... fuck, now that I'm talking to a therapist once a week, I have nothing to share with my friends. I'm drained! My verbal diarrhea is all seized up. It's a sensation akin to constipation.

The emotions I'm confronting in the shrink's office are so deeply disconcerting and enlightening - I want to smile and cry about everything.

As for kid news, Eloise doesn't have a broken foot. Just a bad sprain (inflicted by her twin sister of course).

Perhaps my next post will have pictures from our kid-free weekend in NYC... lots of good times, good food, good people (MY PEOPLE) and a beautiful wedding.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

thanks and i love you

Just a brief howdy to send my appreciation to you guys for loving emails and support. I know my last post sounded horrible. I didn't mean to scare anyone into thinking my marriage is done. I am happy, however, to let everyone in on the fact that Myles and I have LOTS to work on as a couple.

Beyond that, I need to work on myself!

Off to take Eloise to the doctor. We think she might have broken a little bone in her foot...