Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Another discussion topic: Project Runway finale tomorrow, 10 PM on Bravo. Am I the only asshole out there that truly loves Santino? He's such a superfreak and I really want to hang out with him. His imitation of Tim Gunn and his made up story about going to Red Lobster with Andre was so fucking funny I nearly fell off the couch. (So I guess I lied in my previous blog, I do get a good laugh in every now and then, but it's with t.v. personalities, not real people.)

So, who will win? Was Tim Gunn's confusion and silence about Daniel V.'s collection just a producer's ploy to get the audience to worry about what will happen? I mean, didn't we all think that he would win until we saw that? Hmmmm.... such a pressing question.

And for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about - apologies. You are missing out in the worst way.

However, in order to make up for your lack of quality time spent watching obnoxious quarreling queens on reality t.v., I suggest that you tune in to UPN at 8PM tomorrow, where we shall commence yet another retarded season of America's Next Top Model.

getting real

All these fun pictures and nothing honest from me. So here goes: next week we find out where Myles matches (or doesn't match) and then we have a general idea of where we will live for the next 5 years. Funny how we're leaving for a Florida vacation on the 15th.. a day before the actual Match Day. Let us escape the madness of med students!

These days have been hard - and although some of them have been great considering that Myles isn't working too much - and I think the anticipation is killing me. Or should I say "us"? I really don't want to pick up and leave this place. If only I could choose the program and the state where Myles would do his residency... I'd relocate to a place where I could escape to the company of good old friends.

Will somebody please make me laugh? I've become such a poop. Didn't I crack up all the time a few years ago? I feel like my eyebrows have formed a permanent scowl recently. (Ew.) Ruby and Eloise do send me over the edge laughing occasionally... I shouldn't forget... but I'm missing those laughs that you have with your friends from college when you've stayed up too late and you don't make sense. Which reminds me, where are my old friends? Did I desert them to become a Doctor's wife?

(Christ I need a fruity cocktail with a generous rum floater... big fresh pineapple garnish... smelling like Coppertone... watching El and Ru splashing about... waiting for my conch fritters with spicy mayo...)

p.s. - do couples make-out anymore? Or is that just something dating people do?... like a complicated mating dance or something? Give me comments people... I need more comments!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Ru and Boppy

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Contrary to popular belief (considering the curls), I think my girls are destined to have my dad's hair texture. Fluffy, no?

Boppy and Weez

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Oh, and I forgot to mention that my folks were up for a couple of days too. My dad had a blast because the girls totally adore him now.

"I'm LOUD!"

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This series of photos is old - but considering that I'm such a blog-slacker, I think I need to post a bunch of them anyway. This was one of our many cold fun weekends up here.


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Here they are flossing while sitting beside the bathroom sink. It's a new favorite thing.
oh, p.s. - they don't really floss. They just like to taste the minty stuff.


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Eloise makes sure black bear gets a bite and says, "mmmm! Bear really really likes dis corn!"

Stuffed Animal Feast

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Wind Breaker Bibs!

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Check these "rain overalls" out! They are so swishy and nylon-y in them... I love it.

Miss Mando

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Eloise thinks she's most clever when she kneels in my mandolin case. Here she's having a cookie and leaving crumbs everywhere.

Mischief Stools

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Nuthin' but trouble with these stools... no more leaving knives out on the counter.

New Table

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Myles' dad came up on Presidents Day weekend with an early birthday present for Ru and El. He built this fabulous new table in 2 days... and the little stools to go with it. We are thrilled.