Monday, September 04, 2006

Chicken Soup with Stars

Chicken Soup with Stars
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"Back to reality...". We are home, the evenings and mornings are cool and I made some chicken soup with stars for our mommy/kid dinners. They just love to dip bread in the broth - such a novelty for them. I'm excited to be home again to cook good fall meals. I'm happy to say that tomorrow is the first day "visit" to Montessori school for Ru and El, and then they start up for real on Thursday. I'm anticipating that the 2.5 hours that they spend there will be dreamy for me. In preparation for this extra "free time" I took a moment to set up my attic studio... sort of. It felt nice to have my own secret hidey spot with all of my crap lying around me. To honor the moment, I finally hemmed a pair of my favorite jeans after about a year of cuffing them (now I only have 3 more pairs to go). May I say that they look stunning on me now? No more dragging the bottoms on the cement.

Send me your long jeans everyone - or the ones that gap at the waist and expose your butt-crack. The tailor is in.

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