Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Fiesta Begins

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So Lyllah wears a mexican hat better than anyone. Really... who looks good in a mexican hat? Lyllah does. What that says about her, I'm not completely sure, except that I know it's a positive attribute. We (her most annoying friends) managed to keep her 30th birthday party a secret for a long time. Here she is with her beloved Ricky, sharing a mango margarita... or something like that.

My mom let me drive her brand new Mini Cooper S to the party, and since Myles wasn't feeling so well, I stayed over for the night. I laughed and danced and hoola-hooped more than ever. We played blow-pong and Flip Cup. I think I'm a Flip Cup expert actually... and I managed to see 2 butts and one naked person. We even made it to bed before midnight... considering the party started at 3pm.

Having a night that lets you forget about being a parent is SO rewarding. It's almost like giving your brain a full tank of gas and an oil change. Read on...

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Lauren said...

What fun pics!

I hope to come and visit you and Ellen sometime next month... woohoo! We can rip it up and play with your girls and drink red wine and cry. You in?