Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Race

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When I look at this picture I feel really disgusting. But the reality is that I thought I looked okay while I was sprinting to the finish. Our friend Jess decided to chase after me with her camera too, so I'll have to ask her for some better shots. This was the smallest road race I have ever attended... and I didn' t like it. For the first 2 miles I chatted away with Jess and Kohar, only to discover that they regularly run 7-8 minute miles, at which point I realized that if I kept up with them I would never ever finish the 6.2. So I sent them on their way and decided to draft behind a large woman in red swishy shorts. Drafting in a lame all-Women's 10 K! I'm such a shit! Besides, she had to be twice my age... which is probably why she beat me by a couple of minutes in the end. Depressing. Very very depressing.

Then I went home and had diarrhea. That's what I get. Did you know that the full definition of diarrhea is not just runny poos, but actually having 3 or more stools than your normal daily "output"? Well, I'll spare you the details of mine, but I did have to question whether it qualified as diarrhea or not. I promise to write an entire blog on poop some day, but for the moment I have to hang out with Ruby who is still awake at 9:30 PM.

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