Tuesday, August 30, 2005


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My mom did some entertaining while I made dinner the other night - blowing bubbles. Clearly this demonstrates full-on "excited" face, which we have been trying to capture on camera for months now. I know I haven't really figured out how to make my pictures display large enough for people to make out any details on this damned blog... so for those of you who want a better display, I hope you click on the picture and it takes you to the Flickr site.

Just to change the subject of this entry completely, I guess I have to apologize for my lame blog content recently. There's almost too much to say - and the moments that I have some "genius" little essay welling up inside me seem to be when I'm in the shower getting ready for bed. Bed totally has priority these days. I mean, I have a great story to tell that involves me falling flat on my face and spraining my toe/foot because I was attacked by a bat. (Seriously - I was dive bombed by a bat 3 times in the hallway of our building back in VT.) And that got me all riled up about stuff, but I never got to put in down in my Doogie Howser journal. I could really write volumes about my family and Myles' career path. Shit. There's a great story about my grandmother's ashes too. Maybe that's after a glass of wine tonight.

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