Monday, August 15, 2005

Night Night in Alburg

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We went to a bluegrass festival in Alburg VT this past weekend, which was the nicest little family excursion we have taken in a while. We met our pals Chelsea and Ben and their daughter Hazel and we drank beer in cans while we sat in the sun, listening to good old white people pickin' and strummin'. I have this fantasy that I'll return next year with an RV, so while the girls are sleeping we can try to have "jam sessions" all night long with a bunch of real Americans. Hell, I'd rather hang with redneck Republicans than their Nantucket counterparts! Anyway, we were lucky enough to have Ru and El fall asleep in their trusty double jogger while we watched Del McCoury and his ridiculously impressive band of well-dressed men play music. I think Myles even put his arm around me while we sat on the picnic blanket, under the "Letter D" moon.

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