Tuesday, August 30, 2005


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And here we are! We have arrived to my mom's house in great spirits. The anticipation of seeing "Ami" and "Boppy" is finally made into a reality... and we are thrilled. The ever mysterious Uncle Angus made an appearance last night and won the heart of Ruby with a new toy. (It's a crazy noisy thing that simulates hitting a baseball and tells you "good job, you hit a triple!" and plays take me out to the ball game. Perfect.)

Myles has started working with a hand surgeon at Tufts N.E. Medical. His day begins at 6:15 AM and ends (if we're lucky) shortly after 5 PM. But this is all just unpredictable in the medical world - I never really understand his schedules and how long surgery takes and how much traffic will affect his journey home. Then he comes home, gobbles down some food and has a ton of stuff to read afterwards. I'm tired just watching him! I don't even really remember saying goodbye to him in the wee morning hours. It's all very very weird I guess. We were spoiled this summer - having him all to ourselves. Looking forward to Myles' absence this fall makes me feel sick to my stomach. Good thing we have more distractions than ever down here in Boston.

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