Tuesday, August 30, 2005


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Here we are looking fancy in our dresses while we play with Maggie in the yard. Maggie is Aunt Gwennie's dog who we get to be with for a while... or at least as long as my sister chooses to stay in the house with all of us. Crazy! The house is almost full - and bursting at the seams with all of our crap. My mom is in heaven, right? And sometimes I am too because the laundry seems to get done and the sippy cups are always washed... it's a mom's fantasy to be taken care of that way (to a point, I guess). For now it's really dreamy.

We have a tough time sleeping in a double bed though. Myles always seems to have a sweaty limb draped over me or poking me in the head, or I'm lying on my side trying to give him space, just about to fall out. Sometimes I can't believe that we shared a double futon for 6 years. Actually, I cant' believe we have been together for 9 years...

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