Sunday, August 07, 2005

Lucky Me

Ridiculous. I arrive back in Burlington pleasantly comforted by the high groove factor here. Ahh. Groovy hippies. The co-op. Women nursing 3 year olds at farmers market. Tatooed ladies with pit bull puppies on ropes buying organic. It's all so delicious compared to the crisp Nantooshay folks in their Jack Rogers sandals and "peasant" skirts. The bohemian look being relatively IN right now just kills me when a fucking indian skirt (yes, made in India) can be purchased for $350 at a cute little boutique. Dumb asses.

Anyway, the real rage for this entry is based on my most recent read of the September issue of Lucky mag. LUCKY! I love you I love you I love you. You bring me back to the shallow, child-less, self-indulgent Mollie. Miss Nelson was so lucky indeed! Miss Nelson worked in that crazy building laden with trend-junkies and felt like she could hang (ew, exiting third-person-speak immediately... sorry.) And there is nothing like fall fashion to get me really fired up about being materialistic, because I've always struggled with the lack of layering options in the summer. I hate shorts unless they are for running in, bathing suits are a drag, tee shirts are just a canvas for designs of armpit sweat, flip flops don't flatter my flat feet and the sun dress makes me feel like an old lady. Give me cool fall nights for a cozy cropped jacket with a delicious turtleneck underneath, with a scarf and tights and a skirt and boots and GLOVES! The idea just makes me excited to rid my closet of all the lame, ill-fitting summer crap. Fall fashion is what a fashionista lives for. Besides, when you live as far north as we do, your fall clothes last you a good 9 months... which means it's just more reasonable to justify a cashmere piece for it's extended shelf life. Boots too. Fuck are they expensive and beautiful this season. And actually, fuck Burlington for being completely swamped with snow most days - rendering heels of any sort into a conversation piece. Honestly, I can't count how many times I've had to argue my point for impractical shoes up here. They just make me feel good, okay?

So we are back, and I have a lot to think about because this month is short. Then it's down too Boston, where I can hole up in the house I grew up in... barf. I thought I'd be psyched, but the idea of going back to live in the place that I spent 18 years of my life is just daunting. And with two kids running precarious circles around us! I"m not looking forward to it. I like my simple space here in Burlington. I like the town, I like the groove, I like my friends, I like my laundry machine in arms reach of the linen closet, I like my bikepath and I really enjoy being a mom in MY space. Don't get me wrong either. I get along so well with my mom - most women would be jealous - but I just want to be independent with my family and do things my way. I don't want to be living at home at the age of 29, right? Also, I just need those great September and October days to inspire my clothing choices and make me feel like a college girl again - planning my look for the weather and good company.

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