Tuesday, August 07, 2007

yes, i am lame

Okay, so a couple of you wanted me to post a link to my flickr site... but because I am a total LAME-O computer user I don't know how to make this happen. Honestly, I think I should take few minutes and figure this out from "blogger help", but I'm a lazy fucker and prefer to say this: a single click on any posted photo should take you directly to my flickr site. If not, please let me know.

We are headed off to the Adirondacks for a few days (departing tomorrow evening) to see Myles' family - including the famous 91 year old Grandma Betty (a.k.a. My Hero!). I'm hoping to get my ass in a canoe at the very least, while someone looks after Penny.

I'm ashamed that I can't make moments for writing all of my crazy thoughts these days. There is a bunch to sort out in my head - as the addition of a new family member can make one a bit NUTTY to say the least. I can't say that I'm suffering from any PPD (post partum depression for those of you not into mamma-lingo), but I'm suffering from something. Well... maybe not suffering. But something. So many little things happen that make my mind go wild with philosophical thought. I'm just wired with a bunch of good things to say and share, yet the second I sit myself down to write, it's as if someone sucked my brain dry. Is it because I"m nursing?

For example, while we were in Nantucket I sent Ru and El out to the toy store with my dad. Upon their return my dad mentioned that Ruby announced she wasn't wearing any underwear while walking up Main Street. I had forgotten to get her back in some undies after she peed in her pants! No undies and a dress. Good job Mom. I guess that's pretty harmless though. Because the same spacey person also forgot to put sunblock on the bottom half of Eloise at the beach. Three good hours worth of unprotected sun on her sweet white skin - not so pretty. Now I know exactly why my mom calls out everyone else's name before she gets to mine. We seem to short circuit when we are parents, so then throw in the old age factor and you have a malfunctioning machine.

Myles and I were watching television last night and passed by Eddie Murphy's "Raw". I had to make a comment on Eddie's HIDEOUS skin-tight blue and black leather "outfit" of sorts. Myles asked, "what year was this movie made?" I said, "1986". It was 1987... but then Myles replied, "TWENTY YEARS AGO!"

And that seems like ages when you hear TWENTY. Really though, 1987 doesn't seem like it was that far away. Right? I mean, Myles and I had been dating for a year in 1997. (Yes. We are celebrating 11 years together this summer.)

Well, hopefully by the next post I'll have had the opportunity to use my new swanky camera (a digital SLR!) and you can feast your eyes on my yummy, squishy, tan baby. She has a jew-fro mowhawk - no joke.

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