Sunday, July 29, 2007


Ly and Rick's entrance
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My best friend is married- and I could go on forever about how exceptionally perfect her wedding was - but I just don't have the time or brain cells to write anything decent. My sister's wedding is also worth mentioning. It was perfect too. How lucky are we? It's pretty unreal actually. (Penelope went to a wedding at 11 days old and slept through most of everything. She barely made a peep the entire weekend and I managed to have fun on the dance floor... wiggling and jiggling all of the saggy and depressing flesh around my middle.)

So I have photos of Lyllah and Rick's wedding on the flickr site, but I drown my camera in the bottom of my diaper bag before I got to Nantucket for Gwennie's wedding. An entire bottle of water exploded and drenched all kinds of things in the bag... and this means I have to buy a new camera PRONTO! I have to capture Miss Pickle in her roundness... new baby time goes exceptionally fast. In fact, little Penny is almost 11 pounds now - which the doctor thought was pretty impressive - and looks like a total breast-fed monkey. Double chin, baby acne and a faux hawk. She's fuckin' adorable and smells like goat cheese. (I find keeping her clean rather difficult considering that I usually bathe Ru and El every night, and I like to shower too sometimes...)

I feel like these blog entries are going to dwindle away if I'm not careful. Figuring out how to manage the house, laundry, personal hygeine, nursing, napping, groceries, garden, house plants, cat hair and sister brawls has been challenging to say the least. But we have been travelling for 3 consecutive weekends now and I can't say that I've really even unpacked.

Overall, we are doing well. I am kind of in "survival mode" and waiting for a break in this adrenaline rush though.

Oh, and I MUST not forget to put in a detailed labor story at some point. I learned that waiting for natural labor to come would have been WAAAAAY better than being induced (duh.) and that epidurals really do mess with your ability to push (just like the books tell you). That being said, a vaginal delivery is 100 times easier to recover from than a c-section. (hurrah for the va jay-jay!!)

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MamaC said...

Mollie, sounds like you're doing great. Things will settle out, and get...not easier, but more "normal". Maybe that will translate as easier. Love to you! I hope we can see you sometime and meet Miss Pickle. Please let me know if you plan to head to Brattleboro any time soon. I'll meet up with you there. (Psst, it's unofficial until I get it in writing, but I just accepted the job to manage Sprout on Church St.!)