Monday, August 20, 2007


With a new family member I have been faced with the challenge of outfitting myself in decent clothing. Every tank top and skirt I own has a stubborn stain or two and is several sizes too large. I keep thinking I'm going to shed 15 pounds of baby weight before I need to get warmer clothes for the fall... so I'll hang out like a slob in these hideous baggy get-ups until I'm freezing. Nantucket has a way of making me lust uncontrollably for new and beautiful things to wear. The shopping here is totally out of control and unique - some disgusting stuff, some completely outrageous stuff that I could never bear to afford, and some really spectacular yummy stuff that I could see myself wearing and treasuring for years. Many of my favorite fall sweaters have come from a boutique here, and I'll wear them again and again once I can fit in them.

Without a babysitter I can't really go shopping though. Shopping with the baby is silly (the front carrier doesn't allow for try-ons, and the stroller just annoys me and takes up room) and shopping with the twins ends up with a game of hide-and-seek in the clothing racks. This struggle to shop got me thinking about how obsessed I am with buying useless crap and how potentially I could be "greener" (did I just use that word in relationship to fashion? Shocking.) even though it doesn't really come naturally in my clothing sensibilities. So, with that said, I might attempt to post my very first link. When I'm not busy cleaning my house or bossing my kids around, I'm usually found on the computer reading up on crafting and how to be more environmentally kind. (Notice how I said reading rather than being... I have a lot to learn and a lot to change.) We all have to start somewhere when it comes to saving the planet, and this spectacular place called Nantucket has me thinking and feeling more than ever.

Some of that "feeling" refers to fondling cashmere... some of it refers to protecting the island.

Go now fellow readers and soak up some healthy stuff.

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