Monday, April 03, 2006

hey hey hey

Oh my. I have some guilt over not blogging - which is bizarre - but I did get some email reminders from some pals around the country so I feel like I've let some folks down! What a crazy series of events have taken place since I last posted. I feel like a completelly different person actually...

So here goes: Myles did not end up matching in the traditional sense of the word, but ultimately the best possible thing happened when he was offered a preliminary year of surgery at Brown (RI Hospital). We are moving to Providence - which is completely excellent considering the other locations I was preparing myself for. Now I can even entertain the idea of getting my masters at RISD... if they would be happy to accept me and my weak portfolio...

We enjoyed a most excellent trip to Captiva/Boca Grande Florida (photos to come later, sorry) where we enjoyed watching the girls swim, play in the sand, and obsess over their bathing suits. The airplane ride was interesting and exhausting, but the end result of all of our kid shuffling was a total reward. I highly recommend Captiva for a family getaway actually, but all you really need is about 3 nights 4 days stay. The weather was completely perfect aside for some wind so we were ready for a temperature change after about 5 days. Resort life is wack anyway. No wait - Florida is wack. Next time I hope we're in Fiji or at least some place where we can contract an intestinal bug or two. (That might have to wait until the girls are 4...)

Wait, I forgot to mention that Ru and El almost drowned in the kid pool the very first day we were there. We were completely horrified at how easy it is to take your eye off of them. One adult to each 2 year old at AT ALL TIMES dummies! And we hadn't even had our piƱa coladas... jeez.

Guess what? We basically bought a house this weekend. Is that wack? yes. definitely.

I'm not really sure what to make of the entire experience, and I'd be lying if I said we bought our Dream House, but that can wait. I know i know.... but unfortunately I did see something that resembled my sort-of dream house and we really couldn't afford it. We went for something more our speed right now and it will be easy to move into. Besides, the neighborhood is great, I can have a studio in the basement or on the 3rd floor and we have a deck and yard. The library is around the corner, along with a good bakery and a coffee shop. A better thing to consider though is that I don't know anyone in Providence. Fun.

Ruby and Eloise like to tell us that they are going to Providence all the time. Ruby even said that she was from Pwahvadence Wode Eye-wund today. The entire experience in home buying has put a bit of stress on the girls I think - mainly because I'm not giving them as much mommy play time as they are used to. Instead I'm on the phone or talking house detail crap with Myles. When Ruby woke up at ten of 4 in the morning at my mom's house (Sunday, with new daylight savings adjustments to be made upon waking) she was lying in our bed looking at me and she said, "mommy, what's pillow called in italian?" And when I told her I didn't know, she continued to talk and talk until I had to wake up with the f-ing birds. "Birdies outside mommy. Tweetin'."... "Yes Ru, I know. Birdies. That means it's super early and most people are sleeping... can Ruby go back to sleep too?" "NO. I'm awake. Eloise awake too?" (Poor Weeze. She'd sleep to 10 AM like a teenager if Ruby let her.) Anyway, to fill you in on the Italian bit, I started talking to them in my piss poor Italian while they were taking a bath one night and they took an interest for some reason - and I have this illustrated kids Italian/English dictionary with hideous creepy pictures of every stupid vocab word you could think of- so they just like to bother me about italian words that I don't know now. Then we go look them up. Their little brains are like super absorbent sponges so it's entertaining (and potentially cruel, forgive me) to see what they are capable of. It's an incredible thing to watch how they learn and process everything, and especially to see how they interact with one another! What if we all had a twin? HA!

Alright, time to figure out how to post my pics. Go to the flickr site if you want to see extras...

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