Saturday, April 29, 2006

check in

I wonder if I'll ever regain the energy to treat this blog the way it deserves to be treated. We have just returned from a visit to Boston and Providence and we have really started packing our things up. Boxes and dust bunnies everywhere. Actually, while cleaning out our junk drawer we found a pubic hair and had a good laugh about where these kinds of things make their icky appearances. For example, I JUST discovered another pube underneath a little number puzzle. Disgusto to say the least! I wonder what other lovely charms I'm going to find when I clean under the plastic high chair covers.

My latest obsession is with figuring out how to decorate and landscape our new home. We visited the house on Thursday morning and while we were playing in the yard Eloise managed to get a huge thorn from a tree stuck in her knee. No exaggeration, pulling the thing out was like taking a thumbtack out of a cork board... it was deep (and reminiscent of an accident that only an Edward Gorey character would suffer). So we need to chop down this tree that grows 2 inch thorns and drops thorny twigs into the little yard... clearly the couple that lived in the house didn't have young kids. To emphasize my point - there are also super scary looking thorn bushes and holly bushes on the property. Ugh. How uncomfortable and spooky.

I have a great book suggestion to any of my mom buddies reading this: "Perfect Madness: Motherhood in the Age of Anxiety". It's refreshing to read something so sympathetic to the stay-at-home AND/OR working mom. Go out and buy a copy immediately!

Okay my girls are about to tear the apartment to shreds. The couch has been peed on, the excercise ball is being dribbled and puzzle pieces are getting kicked all around the dirty floor. Maybe I will just abandon all hopes for cleanliness and organization in my life. I can hardly imagine how much more time that would open up in my life. Seriously, I have been feeling a vibe from my maternal grandmother - she was a total slob (much to my mom's horror) but she was a true creative. Her life was full of debauchery, collections, crafts, excess, mess, fattening food, gay men, caftans, Chanel No. 5 and too many pets. Her house was like a wacky fairy tale. Can I let go of my expectations for a TIDY life?

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