Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Another discussion topic: Project Runway finale tomorrow, 10 PM on Bravo. Am I the only asshole out there that truly loves Santino? He's such a superfreak and I really want to hang out with him. His imitation of Tim Gunn and his made up story about going to Red Lobster with Andre was so fucking funny I nearly fell off the couch. (So I guess I lied in my previous blog, I do get a good laugh in every now and then, but it's with t.v. personalities, not real people.)

So, who will win? Was Tim Gunn's confusion and silence about Daniel V.'s collection just a producer's ploy to get the audience to worry about what will happen? I mean, didn't we all think that he would win until we saw that? Hmmmm.... such a pressing question.

And for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about - apologies. You are missing out in the worst way.

However, in order to make up for your lack of quality time spent watching obnoxious quarreling queens on reality t.v., I suggest that you tune in to UPN at 8PM tomorrow, where we shall commence yet another retarded season of America's Next Top Model.

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