Monday, June 13, 2005

shouldn't you be napping?

After an insanely exhausting ferry ride to Nantucket with my dad, Ruby and Eloise finally fell asleep in their stroller just as we rounded the lighthouse into the harbor. I suppose it could have been much worse - but I never knew how crazy my babies could be, running in different directions on a rocky ship. Silly me. Like they were going to sit still for 2.5 hours and read stories...

Well, we celebrated the life of Momsmom yesterday and it was wonderful. The girls slept through the reception, which meant that I got to eat and chat to a few good people, and they were well behaved at the church. It felt nice to see the true nantucketers come out of the walls and get together and share memories. Nantucket is so amazing. Somehow even those of us who cannot stand what it's become still know what this place is all about... or maybe we just like feeling like we are important. Are we superior because we know the history of this place? I'm not so sure. Maybe we're just real. We love the sweet air, the isolation, the sand in all the cracks, the fog, the mildew and the debauchery that goes hand in hand with "island life". We like seeing the same people year after year, all weathered a bit more, the kids grown up, babies on the way, stories shared of other lives passing on, remembering how crazy we all were and how simple everything used to be. I think it's funny how we as people relate to the history of a place... how we fit into the memories.

Ugh. I could expand on this topic endlessly. Change! History! Place!... makes me think of Skyline Diner on Lex from my last visit to Manhattan.

Really though, what's wrong with me? I can't help but feel obligated to waste my precious nap time while my little nuggets are asleep. Is this blog thing theraputic? I'm not so sure. I do know that our entire family is disabled when it comes to prioritizing. You should see us all together. We are insane!

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