Friday, June 10, 2005


Okay, nobody told me how computer literate you have to be to get photos happening on your blog... I feel like such a boob. This should take some gettin used to. And did I forget to mention that we are leaving for Nantucket tomorrow morning and I barely started packing? Dang I hate computers. Fucking vortex sucking my precious naptime into nowhere.

Don't forget Ruby's nebulizer and meds, cozy blankies, bag of snacks for the car, sippy cups out my asshole, some books, some toys, diapers and wipes, big tub of A & D, sunblock, tampons for me, SOCKS AND SHOES, undies and bras, laundry in washer, water plants, feed cat, cell phone charger, baby monitor, CD's, iPod, bills, checkbook, braincells, razor & blades, shower gel, exfoliant, facewash, scrubby gloves, toothbrushes, jewelry, moisturizer, perfume, nice dresses, ADVIL, and little boxes of raisins. Christ almighty! Those little boxes of raisins are such a huge success. Bless the dried out grapes that re-hydrate in your digestive tract.

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