Friday, June 10, 2005

Miss Nelson IS Missing!

Ridiculous. It took me how long to figure out I needed to blog? Way too long. At least 3 years too late.

So, this could be such a great solution to all of my problems. Thank you to Chelsea and Megan for sending me on my way into BloggyLand...

Or is that DoogieLand? Dr. Howser, you always were my inspiration behind computer diary confessionals.

Now the real question is, does anybody remember the famous kids book "Miss Nelson is Missing"? You know, where this nice kindergarten teacher is plagued each day by a poorly behaved group of students - so she mysteriously disappears one day, and she is replaced by a sketchy witch-like character named Miss Viola Swamp who miraculously scares all of her students into behaving... so that the day Miss Nelson returns to teaching, her class is respectful and thankful to have her back. (End of book shows an illustration of Miss Nelson's bedroom with the Viola Swamp costume in the closet...)

ANYWAY - this Miss Nelson IS missing. She has completely lost all control of her old self, her babies, her relationship with her husband, her ability to comfortably put on a beautiful outfit. So the former Miss Nelson, now Mrs. Webster, will be on a brief mental vacation in Bloggerville while she attempts to tame her brain back to behaving like an unmarried, independent hipster. (Ew. Apologies for the 3rd person-speak.)

I will masquerade around here as Mollie Holliday - because I never really made good use of that cutsie company name - and plan to shock myself into getting things done for my family and remember what makes me ME.

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