Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thoughts from the Shower

Some of my great revelations come to me while I'm hanging out in the shower - and late last night I started thinking about cooking shellfish. You know how when you boil a pot of muscles or clams you discard the ones that don't open up because you're afraid they might make you sick? Well, I was thinking that my reaction to a "heated" situation is not unlike what happens to a clam in a hot pot. I just open right up.

Myles on the other hand cracks open just a little. Perhaps he has a good method though - like he is holding up a sign to people saying, "you might not want to consume what's inside".

(on a semi-unrelated note... does anyone remember that song "pulling muscles from a shell"? I think it was Squeeze... but not sure. Off to do an iTunes search. I'll fill you all in shortly.)

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