Friday, June 16, 2006

pawSox and clamBox

The sunny weather this week gave everybody in the family a chance to resume normal "springtime activities". On Monday we got my mom to look after the kids and we went to a Pawtucket Red Sox game (the equivalent of the VT Expos, but much cooler) with my brother's entire family. I am now fully embracing all that is culturally Rhode Islandy - including some specific brand of frozen lemonade that doesn't taste like a frozen Wet-Nap or Lemon Pledge. I think it's called "Del's"... and I hear it tastes great with vodka poured on it. (what a bonus!) We bought our girls some Paw Sox baseball caps just because it's cooler to sport "P"'s rather than "B"'s, and because with 7 dollar box seats we actually could afford some paraphernalia to take home.

My brother just started working full time as a Brand Manager for Hasbro (also in Pawtucket) and I went to visit his office and snoop around the company cubes after hours. The place is INSANE. I never knew there were so many different types of toys! Call me an idiot, but all the time spent at cute, hippie, politically correct toy stores in VT has left me kind of clueless about mainstream kidstuff. Do you guys know what Bratz dolls are? Well, BEWARE OF THE BRATZ! They just might be the evil teenage spawns of Barbie and Ken. Blech. Oh well, I still like Mr. and Ms. PotatoHead... and the new Darth Tater. And My Little Ponies. And Sit N Spins. All Hasbro. Angus just happens to be re-vamping Lite Brite. Remember that?

Somehow we might manage to make the big permanent move to Providence on Sunday, if everything goes as planned for putting the guard rail pieces on the girls' new beds. (Are we crazy? Why do we think we want them out of cribs?) Myles has orientation all next week, so at least he will be staying in the house. I'm just not sure the painter wants to deal with the threat of little kiddie paws messing up his work - and I'm not convinced I want to police them every second we are inside. But my goodness I'd like to have my privacy back and get out of my parents hair. Is it too much information to share that I still like to make coffee naked in the morning? (Yes, it probably is... but who needs secrets when there's a blog to write?) I don't think Ruby and Eloise think twice about it... but now that it's been so long without a naked mommy walking around, they might begin to ask some questions! Ugh. I want my naked coffee. (Which reminds me, we need to order some shades.)

Anyway... Let's see, I guess for the main mollieReport I will conclude that I am plunging right into the cosmopolitan lifestyle with a sickening kind of happiness. I got a super glam haircut today at some swanky salon. I went to my friends CATERED and D.J.-ed 30th birthday party last week in her fab new home... loved every second of it... danced a ton in completely stupid break-your-ankle kind of platforms. And this evening we all went to the Wollaston Clam Box for some good old fried food - just to keep it nice and ChowdaHead. Long live the Massholes!!!

Now if only I could figure out where Peter Manfredo Jr. lives - I might start stalking him.

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