Thursday, May 11, 2006

still sick

Eloise barfed all over me yesterday morning, so now we have two kids with runny poos... and I've been through 2 huge packs of diapers in 3 days. It's getting kind of ridiculous actually. Ruby has been ill since Sunday afternoon. What crazy timing though - with the packing and my reunion coming up, the house closing, the Montessori visit. I have barely had 2 seconds to train for my leg of the marathon (I abandoned all hope to run the whole thing... maybe some day...) and I fear that I will end up in the medical tent after running 6.5 miles. That would be amazing though - if I could run hard enough to pass out or something. HA! Then one of the UVM med students would have to give me i.v. fluids and stand near my head with one of those kidney shaped dishes in case I puked. Or wait, even better would be if I totally cramped up in my legs and collapsed on the Battery Street hill and had to be escorted (arms over random medics' shoulders) to the tent...

Aside from my lack of running, I think our self-imposed little quarantine has put a damper on our farewells to good friends. Next week should be completely crazy with all of Myles' final functions and his relatives arriving on Friday evening. We won't even be able to have guests here because the house is really just boxes and trash bags right now (not to mention CONTAMINATED with rotavirus) and smelling like a giant turd. I just want to squeeze everything in at the last second here and then be able to relax in our new home. I'll be so pissed off if I don't say some pleasant, good old fashioned goodbyes to the people I love in this town.

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