Saturday, May 20, 2006


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I didn't really notice the table showing up in this image when I set it up - but this is the best I could do for our Park School 15th reunion shot. Last weekend at home was such a treat for me. I managed to get overly introspective about "coming home"... you know, HOME... where I spent 18 solid years growing into a decent human... and all of these old pals are such amazing people. What a huge treat it was to see everyone. I was seriously shocked though by the contrast between cosmopolitans and Vermonters. Just the pace and volume of conversation is wilder - unrestrained... perhaps more ego-centric... and people seem to have better preppy manners than I previously remember. The preppy manners in Vermont seem to have disappeared. Either that or folks up here have ditched all attempts to have "manners" (in the old school sense of the word) because they don't seem necessary, or because they are affiliated with an ancient conservative mindset. (To my dear Vermonters, I do love you for being rebels.)

Whatever. I'm annoying. I guess what I'm getting at is that I feel more comfortable with the people who live 3.5 hours south of here. (I sincerely hope that whoever is reading this is having a good laugh at me. This whole moving thing has stirred up something crazy. Yikes.)

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J Shimkin said...

We're always laughing with you, Mollie. Occassionaly laughing at your girls. Occassoinally laughing at Miles.
I know what you mean about the difference in pace. When I was working on the Dean campaign up there, I often noticed that the town had no idea what to do with our campaigner energy that made us all manic on occassion.