Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bins, Designer Dish Soap, Party of One

The digital camera is officially lost. Posting photos won't really be an option for a while I guess, but I can hardly restrain my urge to plunk down a mastercard at the old BestBuy and get something really swanky. So, for those of you who don't read and just peek, I apologize. You might have to bear with me and read up on my nonsense. (I might start posting vintage Ru & El pics from, like, 2004.)

For this weeks insane entry, you get to hear all about coming back to life in Burlington. Christ. I can barely get anything done - and we are in a tiny space compared to my mom's house. Perhaps that's what contributes most to my wavering mental status and inability to avoid procrastination. Or is it Ruby and Eloise? Their sleep schedule is completely wacked out and they are waking at 5:30... only to want a morning nap at about 9 AM. I'm not dealing with it very well - but Myles is in Chicago for a night taking test (which explains my lame 9:30 Saturday night entry here... or is it the glass of vodka I just drank?) and I think I might let the girls cry a few minutes longer than usual in the morning. Hope those heater vents don't carry too much sound to our neighbors... Well, we did get to go to Muddy Waters for bagels this morning all by ourselves. Going out to restraunts with the two of them is finally do-able without an extra hand, and they love feeling grown up about the whole process. All three of us got in the bath tonight too - which was hysterical because it was a tight squeeze for me and I ended up scratching my ass on the faucet when I stood up at one point - and Ruby was all concerned about my boo boo on my bummy... but they excelled at washing my hair and Eloise keeps telling me that "Mommy's dee-wee" or - SILLY actually. Miss Weez has issues with words beginning with S. Substitute D always and you will always have a better chance understanding her.

To make up for my somewhat lame-o homecoming, I decided that reorganizing the apartment might be a good idea and I have purchased some more bins. Now I know some of you have known about the genius of BIN lifestyle for a while now - because they have been available forever, but for whatever reason I've been obsessing about the concept of faux organization. The crap in my bathroom is still there, but it just looks better because it's partially hiding in a stupid, nice looking container. I guess that's not really organization, is it? It's really just a cover up... just another bottomless junk pit filled with hairballs, gooey leaky samples of hair "products" from 1998, and some stupido hair removal kits. Regardless, the BIN inventors are cashing in on my poor excuse to clean my home. I feel special about it.

Next topic, also genius. Super delicious smelling Williams Sonoma dish soap... laughed my ass off when I saw the stuff in my mom's house this summer and wondered what the world was coming to. But when I walked into the store in the mall this weekend, I couldn't resist the "Roman Fennel" dish and hand soap! My excuse is this: I do so many fucking dishes every day, at least the annoying, tedious task can be a brief escape into the world of aromatherapy. Roman Fennel dish soap makes me smile every time I put it on a sponge or squirt it in a crusty pan. And I wash my hands obsessively too (soon to be Howard Hughes, no?) just so I can sniff my luxury item several times a day. What an excellent market to tap into: the tired, stay-at-home mom type who wants household chores to feel luxurious. Fuckin' A. Fuckin' A! (Say it with me everyone: FUKIN' AAAAY!)

And for my future entry topics? Dust bunnies, potty training, lame cooking, my lust for over-the-knee socks, the intelligence of the Ashkenazim (relative to penis size) and (please don't let me forget - EVER) sexy women who have gray hair. Let's hope for your sake - whoever you are - that I get a chance to write more frequently. And can I talk about Milton Academy grads too? Don't let me forget.

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