Tuesday, October 11, 2005


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Just look at how cute hoods are. I love hoods - always have. Even when they make me look like a bullet or a speedskater, I still think they are quite the cozy fashion statement. But, I never really knew how adorable they could be on children - I should have known! I'll probably get back to Burlington and put the girls in hooded jackets even when they don't need it just so I can revel in their little tadpole sweetness. On a different note, notice how exhausted Myles looks in this photo - and that was after some decent sleep (but after working 40 straight hours, does one ever really "catch up" and feel well-rested?) I hear he reconstructed a shoulder today - or did a shoulder replacement actually. Is that insane or what? People can have artificial shoulders. Yikes.

All I want to do in this weather is hole up and be boring... eat soup and drink tea or something lame like that. At the risk of becoming totally insane while house-bound, I made Myles go out for dinner and beers on Sunday night to see Lyllah and Ricky. We ate sliders. SLIDERS. YUMMMMMY! (Or as Ruby likes to say, "zummy".) I think I want to open an organic beef slider bar on Church Street. But not lame-o sliders, I mean like, really cute and weensy sliders on homemade buns with perfect amounts of cheese, yellow mustard, one pickle and a blob of ketchup. No choices. Just sliders. You see, if we had stayed home, I might have forgotten about how delicious bar food is.

Ummm... the pages and pages of annoying notebooks are still sitting in my old bedroom making me feel like R. Crumb's wack-o graphomaniac brother. Honestly, you have never seen anything so insane as my collection of academic notes. I should save them and use them as wrapping paper or make an installation (or decoupage the entire bathroom with them), but considering I have accrued them since 8th grade I think there are just too many. I would have to rent out a storage unit for them until I could put them to use.

Today my mom and I took Ruby and Eloise in to the North end of Boston to visit our friend Sarah, where we went out to a super zummy lunch at a trattoria (they ate broccoli rabe!) and then went to a cookie shop and an excellent salumeria and bought SALUMI for dinner. I skipped out on marzipan for the first time in my life... which was probably a wise choice considering how sedentary we have been in the rain... but at 10 pm I'm regretting that decision. Mmmmm. Sugary almond paste.

I think the rain is going to last for 5 more days or something. Someone just told me Middletown, CT is flooded. Time to hit the CNN.com for more depressing news.

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