Monday, November 07, 2005


Just for the record, I don't spell-check any of these blogs - so forgive me for "restraunt" in the previous entry. That shit drives me crazy...

Totally in need of a camera to make any of this worth while. The girls had such a pleasant weekend, with a visit to Brattleboro and Grandpa Jim's cabin and the photo opportunities were everywhere. We played outside all Saturday and threw sticks in a stream and collected acorns while Myles chopped wood. Jim's on the lookout for some land for us to buy in the Ames Hill area near Bratt... we just missed out on 25 acres next to an orchard. Doesn't that sound completely out of character for me? Country living? Well, I just feel like it would be a good thing to have regardless of where we end up for Myles' residency - I mean, 5 years in one place and then we can settle in southern VT. HA!

It's all so bizarre right now. Thinking that far in the future excites my gag reflex, but I though I'd throw it out there so y'all can discuss.

Did I forget to mention that I stayed out 'til 2:45 AM on Thursday, followed by a 1:30 AM Friday night? Enormously helpful to be taken care of by some girl friends. I feel slightly refreshed.

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