Monday, September 26, 2005

SuperOrange Dresses

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Scott and Julia's wedding was one of the best celebrations I have ever attended. This is no exaggeration - everything was just right. The weather, the people, the size, the food, the decorations, the music... perfect. It is most certainly more fun to attend a wedding than to plan or be in one. Ruby and Eloise had a blast running in the manicured lawn, imitating the big kids, attempting to play croquet and throwing a tennis ball around. They ate a bunch of the caramelized onion and gruyere cheese tartlets - and Myles took them home early so I could enjoy dinner and talk Wesleyan crap with my peeps.

You know, if I may be so honest, I have to admit that uploading the photos here takes me so fucking long that I have very very little intrest in actually writing any decent descriptions. There's too much good stuff - I've waited too long between entries here in blogville.

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