Tuesday, September 27, 2005


So Eloise and Ruby ended up with colds after our busy busy weekend. Boy oh boy I can't wait to have a runny nose too! I almost forgot how intensely annoying it is to have sick kids... and in the grand scheme of things, they're not really that ill right now! Just wait until the boogers make their way into Ruby's lungs and we have to start up the fucking nebulizer... I'm so not looking forward to the winter. Speaking of annoying things, Myles started a new rotation in Orthopaedics at UMass Worcester and won't be spending the week with us. At least he has a place to stay that's closer to the hospital than we are - and really, this rotation lasts about 3 1/2 weeks so I think I can handle it. He says he'll be able to have weekends off mostly... but I know in doctor-speak that means he might have Saturdays free.

Ruby and Eloise just love being in this big house with my parents. When they wake up in the morning they get new diapers and then they both skibble over to my parents' door and knock knock knock... and then it's lots of bouncing around with Ammie and Boppy on their king size bed. Sometimes they watch a little Teletubbies and then my mom makes them delicioso scrambled eggs, or I cop out making hot breakfast and give them their new favorite "cerealmilk" (cereal WITH milk). If we don't have cerealmilk when Ruby wants it... then I get to hear her repeat it over and over and over - Rain Man style. (Time for Wapner... time for Wapner... Wapner, Wapner... yeah.) I'm beginning to wonder if my kids have problems with verbal diarrhea already. Literally, they're worse than I am. They're never quiet. A running commentary for every situation. I'm not quite sure how to handle it sometimes because I can't respond to everything they say. It exhausts me to no end because I have to acknowlege everything twice.

Have I forgotten to mention that Ru and El tried holding hands in the stroller yesterday? It was hysterical. They totally amused themselves.

At this very second my dad has been driving this absolutely gorgeous old Porsche up and down the driveway making the most obnoxious noise... and I'm convinced it's going to wake the girls. But that wouldn't be the first time my dad has accidentally woken them up... well, actually my sister's giant shoes or her dog might be more of an issue... or the fucking mailman (letter carrier!) who constantly SLAMS the door - BANG! - like clockwork right about a half hour before I'd like them to be awake. Living in suburbia presents a whole new list of challenges with kids, and I am more convinced than ever that I just love urban/town lifestyle. Which reminds me, I want to go shopping... mmmmm.... retail therapy.

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