Friday, July 22, 2005

sunny days

We are settling in to true family time. We get up between 6 and 7, we hang out, have breakfast and get geared up to watch Lance in France. I happily down about 2 giant cups of coffee while Ru and El skibble around the house and porch with their various toys and mini strollers. They just chatter and yell and repeat everything we say. If you ask Ruby to say "fart" she says "fuck" instead. I love it. Nothing like telling your 16 month old to say a gross word and she delivers a grosser one back at you. I totally get what I deserve from her. Ruby is a TOTAL nut and proud of it. I can see Eloise checking her sister out, sitting back and soaking it all in. When she's alone without the distraction of sis, she totally shines... but for the moment she's happy letting Ruby get all of the attention.

So we put them in their cribs for a nap around 10, and happily watch the end of various stages of Le Tour - uninterrupted. Today I witnessed 2 riders taking pisses during the race. Mystery solved! They don't just pee on their bike seats... they take a moment to coast, skooch their shorts down, penis goes out and they wizz off to the side. Mastery! Such finesse to wield a stream of urine while you cruise along at 20 mph in the French countryside... and the best part of all is that the stupid Brit commentator doesn't mention a thing about it, even if the camera is catching that very moment of tinkle. Ugh. We just talk in an overdone British accent all morning, especially repeating all of the fantastic names. Floyd Landis. Levi Leipheimer. Oscar Pierero. Juan Antonio Fletcha. Ivan Basso. Axel Merkx. Xavier Zandia. Can't get enough. It's better than the Chinese divers in the summer olympics. (Anybody remember Fu Ming Xia?) And the team names!!! Fassa Bartolo. T Mobile (remember, in brit speak it's Tee-Mo-Bile).

One part of me really can't wait to get back to summer in VT... the farmer's market in particular. My friends and their kids too... but finally I've come to recognize a nice little rhythm here on the Isle of White (oh wait, that's in England) and I don't know what to think about home. Where IS home for me? Myles hasn't even fully decided if he wants to take the Orthopaedics rotation in Worcester MA during September... because now he wants to pursue a rotation in Emergency Medicine in Providence RI. (Please please let's all collectively meditate on Rhode Island for us so I can go to RISD for my masters degree some time in the next 3 years.)

Well, my next task is to post some photos of our most glorious July. I hope whoever reads this recognizes how fucking amazing it is for us to "summer" in Nantucket. I have no doubt about how lucky we are to be here... even after all of my WASP bashing in previous posts. You just can't believe how gorgeous the beaches are - so many years coming here and I still can't get over the beauty.

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MamaC said...

Oh Mollie, I am drooling over your photos. I so wish I could visit you! Family time sounds like heaven, but I have to agree with Meg - things are definately a little dull without you back in Burlington. Nevertheless, I will send out a RI wish for you. ~Chelsea