Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ru and El's First Paddle

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Last weekend we had Myles with us for 2.5 days - so we headed up to Brattleboro to see his dad and Kathleen. That Friday night I opted out of a brief canoe ride, but Myles captured a couple of cute moments. This photo shows Eloise and Ruby in full command of the paddles. Jim is in the very front using his hands to direct the boat - apparently 3 year olds don't really get much momentum going in a canoe. The important thing however, is that they thought they were doing a fantastic job.

Every time I'm back in some part of VT I get really nostalgic and all worked up about what a special community I left behind. The Bratt. Farmer's market was a total treat to attend - we purchased a bunch of lettuces, herbs and some tomato plants for our garden. I stuffed my face with homemade doughnuts and indian food. The kids dug around in a sandbox and we ran into all sorts of familar faces. I also managed to stop into the hippie-est of all natural parenting shops to grab my supply of organic cotton baby diapers! Finally almost 3 years of using disposable diapers I have decided that going the cloth route for 1 child will be manageable. And if it turns out to be a nightmare, I won't be stubborn about keeping it up... we can totally do disposable for when we're on the road or if the big kid poops are just too fucking gross. (But after potty training 2, I'm a veteran to the Big Kid Poop in the undies scenario...)

So Vermonters and former Vermonters that are reading this - we miss you very much. Keep up the good work.

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MamaC said...

Mollie!!!! I LOVE that store! She is opening one up in Burlington later this summer and I can't wait! Speaking of Brattleboro...I am taking my kids there next weekend for the "Strolling of the Heifers". Would love to see you guys if you'd like to meet us!