Friday, April 13, 2007

bed heads

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These little critters come into my bed in the morning and it's so darn cute. Most of the time I'm exhausted and the thought of even moving hurts - but they know all the tricks to get me up. Ruby will open up my dresser drawer and pick out a long sleeved teeshirt (to wear into our unbearably cold kitchen), and Eloise will collect their slippers and sweatshirts. They even say that they have to use the potty... which means I literally spring up and out of bed to make sure we don't have a miss. We have finally done away with diapers and pull-ups for night time, meaning that there's extra caution in the AM, plus middle of the night potty visits (where both girls are asleep on the toilet but somehow manage to pee - it's hysterical). This doesn't mean I'm not doing a whole bunch of laundry though... we have our fair share of accidents. But it was their chioce! One night they just said, "we're 3 years old. We don't need pull-ups." So I thought I'd save a whole bunch of money and trash and just deal with pees in the bed if I had to.

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