Tuesday, January 30, 2007

mystery baby

Yesterday we had our big monumental ultrasound and there is indeed a baby in my tummy. With all of the distractions of everyday life I seem to forget I'm pregnant most of the time, and I feel sorry that the little critter doesn't get the in-utero attention it deserves. Now if that's not enough, I decided not to find out the sex! I never thought I could restrain myself from blurting out "WHAT IS IT?" while lying there, but I was so nervous that they would tell me it was another girl and I wouldn't be as elated as I should be. I kept my mouth shut.

If I can get the scanner functioning I'll post some of those alien ultrasound shots. Unfortunately you won't get to see a view of the legs or feet, because they wouldn't show us that angle - in case Myles could tell what to look for between the thighs!

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