Sunday, January 21, 2007


I wish I had a decent excuse for not blogging regularly. I not only want to keep you all informed and entertained, but I also want to give myself a theraputic moment to digest all that's gone on in my brain. Even if this venue doesn't seem appropriate for sorting things out, it occasionally works wonders for my psyche! But today I realize I haven't blogged because I like television too much and I am just beat at the end of the day to try to process anything - even the silly and trivial shit that makes people laugh. I am REALLY an unhealthy person... I can't seem to muster up energy to read decent books, I crave trashy magazines (some things never change) and bad reality tv. And I actually like reading good books. Oh, and I like to cook delicious food, but I haven't managed to make anything out of the ordinary or decent in what seems like months. A while back Myles said to me, "Remember when you used to make yummy dinner stuff like roast chicken? What ever happened to that?" I had to laugh because roast chicken was apparently a more "upscale" version of my cooking - and the reality is that roasting a chicken is about as complicated as following the directions on the back of the box of Annie's Shells and Cheddar.

So, I feel like a beast. Savage moments... scraping by financially, emotionally, maternally. It's all pretty overwhelming. And how the weeks seem to fly by now that we have school, swim class, story hour and an occasional "Dad Day". I look forward to those "Dad Days" like you wouldn't believe. I'm almost ashamed about how eager we all are to spend time with him. Talk about savage though - I think Myles has forgotten how to do a dish, fold clothes and pick up after himself. His Daddy skills are surpassed by none though, and I guess that should suffice.

I should mention that my girls are pretty much potty trained now. YAAAAAY! We still put them in pull-ups at night, but only due to my laziness. I think once I start waking up every 3 hours to pee (you know, when my uterus is the size of a watermelon), I'll take them for a middle of the night pee and just try to keep them in undies for bedtime. Today we went to the mall and visited the bathroom 3 times in 2 hours. The entire business of potty trips takes a total of 10-15 minutes each time. I have given up on handwashing because it takes too long... and I caved in and bought a bunch of travel-sized Purell instead. What's going to happen when I have to pee more often than they do? I'm not conjuring up a pretty picture of our outings.

Perhaps I have a second to post some photos. You deserve these pics loyal readers. My girls are growing into such wonderful little ladies!

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