Sunday, July 30, 2006


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This photo says it all. The girls just love eachother to pieces! Sometimes when they wake up in the morning they like to climb in bed with me and cuddle and say things like, "I wuv you Eloise, you're my favorite". Then, "I love you too Ruby"... followed by hugs all around. Sometimes they go off tangents and they describe what it is they like most... "I really really like your eyebrows" or "you have a nice chin and your hair is curly. Boing!" And then they just keep talking and talking and talking... and I know exactly what you are all thinking... the apples don't fall far from the tree (something along those lines).

The girls are my best buddies and we really haven't spent more than 3 hours apart in the last 4 weeks - no joke. (Well, maybe I had one night out when my pal Beth was here where Myles decided to "babysit", but aside from that we have been inseparable.) For that reason, I have tried to keep the days on the adventurous side, exploring this little state as best I can. Here we are at Second Beach in Newport, enjoying the ocean breeze and powdery sand. Newport is certainly no contest for the beauty of Nantucket, but it will do just fine when the temperature is hanging around 90.

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