Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Them Grays...

With the unseasonably warm January weather I have discovered myself at odds with my hair texture. One day I look frizzed out like a pubescent 7th grader and the next I'm a borderline grease-ball with zero volume... except for the grays. They are their very own special type of hairs - wild and coarse and all different lengths (due to obsessive plucking over the past year). Well, I have given in to the little fuckers. No more plucking or hiding them. Sometimes I part my hair in order to show the best clump of frizzy whites, and bobby pin it right there - just so you know I'm getting old when you look at me in the supermarket checkout.

Eloise has had a really rough time since Saturday afternoon. Boogie Wonderland was a mob scene and my girls were pretty bummed out about the crowd because the grownups kind of dwarfed out the toddlers. It was dark and loud - and although Weeze loves to dance, she could barely manage a few steps because of the early stages of a little asthma attack. That night Myles returned from a call day and stayed here with Ruby while I drove Eloise to Richmond for a doctor's visit. Not so much fun. I had to hold her down for a nebulizer treatment - it was horrible. But I must say, our doctor is such a sweetie that he opened up his office in the middle of the night for us and put on some Bob Marley for atmosphere... he tried so hard to get Eloise to like him.

We made it through the night with about 6 hours of sleep, but then Myles was off again in the early, dark hours for another short day at the hospital. I spent Sunday basically coping with a miserable kid, plopped in front of the t.v. every 4 hours (you try getting a 22 month old to sit still for 15 minutes). She just hates it. Almost as much as I do... But the nebulizer wasn't enough to regulate her breathing so now we've started the oral steroids (which we have to force down her throat while she coughs and sputters)- which have FINALLY taken effect. We still have to nebulize too, just not as often. Ugh. So I feel slightly brain dead. Zero energy. And little Ru has been a total sport during all of this, which just breaks my heart. She just goes and reads to herself and plays pretend with her "guys".

So I'm ready for a recovery. The entire family has been sick in one way or another for about 3 weeks. I'm so afraid the worst is yet to come! And by the end of this season I should have at least 50 new gray hair follicles developing from stress and exhaustion.

(Bring it on.)

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