Thursday, December 15, 2005


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Ram. You never fail to get me to do the craziest fucking things. I drove 8 hours in a snowstorm to get my ass to Bedford NY - where I was greeted by an amazing dinner and good old friends - but then I returned to my hotel in the most ridiculous way and should have gotten a good night's sleep in preparation for the Bat Mitzvah ahead. But no. What did I do? I chased your International, Unavailable ass into Manhattan on Saturday morning, waaaaay too early, and was greeted by a crazy, hung-over, partied-out goofball. Your hat did look like quite the statement in combination with the skyline. And if you hadn't told me you were out until 5AM I might have thought you had taken a Benedryl for allergies or something... but I give you a huge huge gold star for pulling yourself together for me, and for scoring me a delightful sunny day haircut in the hippest of spots.

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