Monday, June 30, 2008

Visuals Down!

Oh how sad. I've lost my camera... and i'm too lazy to deal with uploading my iPhone photos for the moment. But without a visual record I'm paying extra special attention to all of the details of our Nantucket vacation.

I missed my 5th anniversary with Myles. He was post call anyway so I figured he might have slept the day away and we aren't necessarily the ceremonious type. This time apart gives me a little more time to sit with the concept of a PAPER gift to commemorate 5 years of marriage. ( I'd be happy giving a paper gift every year.)

Ruby and Eloise are incredible little 4 year olds enjoying all of the details of a charmed summer vacation space.

Penny will be 1 on July 3rd - and no longer nurses. Three days of not nursing and no big deal. She's more interested in cars, bicycles, balls and walking to be bother with boobs.

Sad I guess, but she wasn't a huge nursing fan anyway. I kept trying to make it a cozy time for us to share together, and eventually i felt like I was forcing it into our routine. Weird. Considering that I probably won't have another child, that portion of my life is over. (Feast on that thought fellow women... your child-bearing and useful mammary phase is over... what next?? Mid-life crisis?)

For final notes I'm going to address three topics that have occupied my mind recently, and you can discuss them with your friends:

*Why are 12 year old babysitters the best babysitter?

*What is the significance of having children if you (and your partner) don't spend the majority of your time taking care of them?

*What is the importance of having lots of STUFF? What is it like to be able to afford anything you want?

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