Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Penny's Serious Face

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I take great pride in announcing that I've uploaded a TON of new photos of my adorable family from the last month. For some reason the flickr site won't let me create sets right now, but check back there at another time to see them in cohesive groups with comments.

We took another trip to Nantucket this weekend and did nothing more than eat and toodle about in the fog. Myles and I went on two long runs together - amazing that I could even keep up with him - and we watched a bunch of sports on t.v.. Saturday night became a bit of a bender, as we met up with my brother, his wife, his sister-in-law and her husband at this goof-ball bar that we've all frequented since we were of legal age. We danced up a storm in classic "middle -aged-white people" style and felt no shame. Fortunately we all had just a tiny bit of sense left in us and we skipped out on our skinny-dipping plan.

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LMM said...

Mollie, I want to hang out! Maybe you can meet my friend Margaret (and her son) too? My email is laurenintwilight@yahoo.com ... what's yours?