Sunday, February 18, 2007

Flower Power!

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This Friday evening a bunch of the ladies from my sister's bridal party took a trip to the dress shop, where Eloise and Ruby got to try on some too-big Flower Girl samples. They could not have been happier - which actually came as a surprise to me. Although Elo usually demonstrates the most enthusiasm for frilly girlie things, Ruby seemed equally pleased to look like a little princess. Of course my entire family was exploding with oohs and ahs as the girls twirled around and even tried to put on the strappy high heels lying on the dressing room floor. When she wasn't looking, I caught Eloise posing in the mirror, floating her arms up and down like a butterfly, spreading her tiny fingers out delicately. I love spying on them now when they are doing self-conscious kinds of things.

The evening culminated in a yummy dinner in Boston's North End - where Ruby decided to announce in a loud voice "my bum hurts" over and over. (She had just taken a superior poop in the ladies bathroom...)

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